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A Few Ideas I've Had

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Unique Weapons

Gauss Rifle
Shoots exploding bullets that do initial DMG then explosion DMG.

Has a single bullet in the mag but one-shots up-close, after each kill movement speed is increased.


Time Vortex

Limited modifiers, such as Greed, are not going to be obtainable forever, but it'd be nice to actually be able to obtain them in the future. Could be a currency that, when used in crafting, allows weapons to roll limited modifiers that are no longer obtainable. When directly used on a weapon it could have a 50/50 chance to either add a limited modifier or a standard one


It's Rainin' Droplets

A number of droplets dependent on the amount of people in a server falls from the sky. Players have 60 seconds to collect as many of them as they can. NOTICE: Droplets would not be client-side.

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Posted (edited)

I like the Droplet Rain, that could be a nice weekend event for example. The Gauss Rifle is cool but I think it would fit in better as T equipment. The Blundergat looks cool but as a single shot shotgun that only kills up close, it would be kinda shit, even if it increases movement speed. It could be a low ammo shotgun with more range and precision but slower reload. Or, since the description says


So you may be wondering, is it a gatling gun? Or is it a Blunderbuss? It's both!

It could be a high ammo, fast firing but low range and damage shotgun with high spread.

Last, Time Vortex is a cool idea but maybe it could be an event instead of a currency? If you could get limited modifiers on your gun at any time after they were made unavailable, it would kind of destroy the whole point.

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