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Quest Ideas

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At one point Meepen said he wanted quest ideas that were non-repetitive so here you go. Some of these are more convoluted than others so take it with a grain of salt. Let me know what you guys think.

My favorites:

Resourceful    Get X kills with guns that aren't yours

Job Well Done    Kill X traitors whose DNA you had

Flawless    Win X rounds without taking any damage

Elephant-Like    Win X rounds without jumping

Quick Work    Win X rounds as a traitor in less than a minute


Heavyweight    Kill X people by landing on their heads

Dog Fight    Kill X people who are in the air, while in the air

Trench Warfare    Kill X people who are crouching, while crouching

Vengeance    Kill X people who have killed fellow traitors

Just brainstorming:

Confused    Pick up DNA leading to yourself (In this section because that's not something you really do on accident)

Pacifist    Win X rounds without dealing any damage (In this section because this would be a round where you do nothing)


I'll post more if I think of any more.

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An idea that may not have yet been thought of

Weapon Quests

basically you do a lengthy quest to get yourself a "god roll" (i mean like not the absolute best roll of perks it can get, but good enough to justify the quest length)


The G3 currently has a desirable roll. a perfect strength 1 marksmanship 1 roll gives the g3 the ability to just barely 2 tap, but only at cqc. A weapon quest for a g3 would give you a result that barely scrapes by in the 2 tap department(not perfect %s), and also wouldnt have any other damage modifying perks, so someone could still craft/item a g3 to a better version of it that has per say bleeding that extends its 2 tap range greatly.

requirements for this quest might be kills with that weapon, cqc kills, and headshots kills. (several steps)

tank 4 g3 ❤️

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