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It is kind of a customary thing to have a thread on forums where people can introduce themselves if they want to. Use your ingame name or maybe even first name, just don't forget to add your last name, credit card number and expiration date, social security number, first pet's name, street you were born in, etc put any sensitive information in here (your adress, last name, etc).

So, let me start it here.

Hi, I am ToddTheTurtleTerrorist and no, Todd is not my real name. I am 23 years old, live in Germany and I love playing TTT and I used to play a lot of DarkRP and Murder too when I was about 15. My hobbies include playing video games and cycling. I love dark humor.

My favorite primaries on ttt right now is the M4A1 or the Sg552. Also, my Cancer Cannon. My favorite secondaries are the Deagle and the Tec-9. Sticky grenades are the best weapon though.

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