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  • Tear.png.2cc279182bdc83d7fc443caa40d3ba29.png Magical Droplet - Removes all modifiers and rolls new ones.
  • Dice.png.9d849fa5d3b18d0d07c90fb708dfb566.png Reflective Die - Randomizes all percentages on modifiers.
  • Hand.png.80a9f4670dd7365cca0c957b2d60cf46.png Yaari's Taking - Removes a random modifier and increases the tier of another.
  • Box.png.65cb3911141a68f11220ae19ae53ca43.png Box - Contains a model or a Demon's Promise/Soulseeker (info on wiki).
  • Tome.png.e45bad047797d389176d4ba1b27e3b82.png Arizor's Tome - Corrupts an item randomly. Weapons that are corrupted can no longer be modified. Corruptions: reroll modifiers, change weapon type, reroll the rarity, add 1-2 modifiers, or do nothing at all.
  • Heart.png.82684938c56742c8951259eceb7e15c2.png Mara's Heart - Adds a random modifier.
  • Coin.png.545edeafd6819417db3107190edff2a3.png Coin - Adds a page to the player's inventory.
  • Mirror.png.4ab8bddf48bd7dc67676d6482eccc976.png Mara's Mirror - Creates an unmodifiable, duplicate item. Currently not usable. 
  • Box.png.65cb3911141a68f11220ae19ae53ca43.png Present - Contains a 2019 holiday item. No longer obtainable.

Currency sorted by rarity

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Didn't like the formatting so I decided to redo it all. Also moved the crafting guide here as it doesn't really make much sense to have a completely different post for it.

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