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Pluto first mission/tutorial/starter pack

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When first joining Pluto, give players a starter pack consisting of 100 droplets, hands and dies. Maybe a heart and/or a box as well. On top of that, 3 shards for the first craft to get their first weapon as a startup.

Since dailies are coming soon ™, this starter pack could be integrated in a tutorial.

“Press F1 to open options”

Reward: 100 takings.


“Press I to open inventory”

Reward: 10 droplets, 3 common shards.


“Go to crafting, place the shards in the squares and add 10 droplets to craft your very first gun!

Reward: 100 droplets.


“Use droplets to reroll a weapon. To use any currency on a weapon, left click it and then left click the weapon. You can use a currency repeatedly if you hold shift while doing so.”

Reward: 50 dies.



You get them all in an order and every time you go to the quest area, you get a detailed tutorial on how it functions and how to use it, if necessary. There should also be a short explanation on trading, ended by a warning to ask about prices in discord until you get a feel for the economy.

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This 1000x this. I cannot tell you how many times I have had someone join the server, ask how the inventory works, and leave the next round after playing with an empty inventory. Starting an inventory server with zero guns is a turn off to a large audience. I have started giving away common guns and some shards to newbies, but this should be something all players are greeted with on their first time joining.

The premise of "you need to play x hours before you can pick your weapons" is not a welcoming one to a lot of new players.

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