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To explain why I think a Pistol buff is necessary, I'll compare the Pistol to its closest relative in the secondaries, the P228.


Pistol (weapon_ttt_pistol):                                                      P228 (weapon_ttt_p228):
    DMG: 23.00 * 1                                                                           DMG: 22.00 * 1
    RPM: 120                                                                                     RPM: 240
    RCL: 1.50                                                                                     RCL: 1.30
    CLP: 16                                                                                        CLP: 12
    SPR: Vector(0.02, 0.02)                                                             SPR: Vector(0.02, 0.02)
    RLD: 1.00                                                                                     RLD: 1.00
    DPL: 1.66                                                                                     DPL: 1.66
        MINRNG: 600.00                                                                    MINRNG: 400.00
        MAXRNG: 2500.00                                                                MAXRNG: 2500.00
        HULLSZE: 0.00                                                                       HULLSZE: 0.00
        MINPCT: 0.10                                                                         MINPCT: 0.10
        TIMETO: 0.20                                                                         TIMETO: 0.10
        TIMEFM: 0.15                                                                        TIMEFM: 0.15
        SLOWDN: 0.35                                                                       SLOWDN: 0.70
        ZOOMIE: 0.75                                                                        ZOOMIE: 0.85
        DMG: 46                                                                                 DMG: 35
        DPS: 92.0                                                                               DPS: 140.8
    Generic, Chest, Right Arm, Left Arm, Gear, Stomach, Right Leg, Left Leg
        DMG: 23                                                                                 DMG: 22
        DPS: 46.0                                                                               DPS: 88.0

As you can see, the main difference between the two guns is the RPM. The P228 has about double the firerate the Pistol has but the damage difference is 1. Sure, the Pistol has a higher hs multiplier but that doesn't make up for the RPM as you see with the DPS. Minor differences are the Pistols longer min range, better zoom with less slowdown and bigger clip while the P228 instead has less recoil and a faster switch to ironsights. Since, apart from the RPM, the guns are almost equal, I suggest the following:

By increasing the Pistol's damage by at least 2, it would be a 2 hs kill with its headshot damage multiplier of 2. The P22 has twice the Pistol's RPM and while it has 11 lower damage, at 35 dmg it is a 3 hs kill. With the Pistol buff, they'd be able to do a kill with headshots in the same time (the pistol with 2 shots and the P228 with 3 shots, the third shot of the p228 is at the same time as the second pistol shot). For body damage,  the buffed Pistol would need 1.5 seconds for bodyshot only kills. The P228 as it is needs just about 1 second since the fifth (and kill) shot would be right at the end of one second. If Pistol damage was buffed to 34 it would still need 2 hs for a kill but only 3 body shots for a kill, cutting the time a kill with that takes to just about 1 seond as well, making he Pistol and P228 about equal. The Pistol would now do more body damage then the Deagle but the Deagle keeps its superiority as a skill based weapon/pocket sniper with its high range and single headshot kill.

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