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Hunger Games Special Events

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On 2/3/2020 at 4:15 PM, ✪ Todd the Turtle Terrorist said:

(Player 1) got kicked by Kerberus (Check console for more information).

It's pronounced Kerberos

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A participant didn’t get into the giveaway and secretly murders (player 1).

(player 1) was RDM’d 5 feet from a mirror on map change, and kills (player 2) in a fit of rage.


(player 1) cries over night when getting RDM’d in front of a mirror on map change.

(player 1) goes to Atlantis and finds a coin.

(player 1) goes to Island and finds a mirror.

(player 1) finds (player 2) RDMing and reports him to a staff member.

(player 1) uses their Demon’s Promise to slit open (player 2)’s neck.

(player 1) tactically annoys (player 2) with their noise maker.

(player 1) unboxes a Soulseeker.

(player 1) unboxes a Demon’s Promise.

(player 1) unfairly murders (player 2) with an AK47.

(player 1) quickly turns around to somehow hit (player 2) in the head with a deagle.

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(Player 1) took my name (Player 2) too seriously.

(Player 2) was caught off guard.

(Player 2) died from excitement. 

(Player 1) felt accomplished and said, what a climax to a TTT story.


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