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BashedDT's unban appeal

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[Unban Appeal] (Your Name BashedDT
Username: BashedDT
DiscordID:  BashedDT#0392
Which server did you get banned on: idk i was banned when i was asleep i think
Which Staff Member banned you: tse snipers
What was the reason for your ban: Hacks
How long was the ban: Permanence

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: idk i don't hack this is the second time in my life i have been falsly banned for hacking, its not funny and i'd like an explanation why? i don't know what i could've done to be banned for cheating except for well cheating which i never have done in my life. I know cheating is unacceptable and there is no excuse for it which is why i never do it and now i'm banned for Obeying the rules. please i don't want to be banned for more than 3 days i have discord if you want to talk i just don't want to stay banned on a server i enjoy. The only thing i think i can do to prove my innocent is recording my gameplay if i was just unbanned for a day or two. Thank you for reading my appeal.

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