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Crafting Guide

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It may seem complicated at first, but after a while crafting isn't hard to get used to. 

Tier Shards
A Tier Shard is an item that can be obtained by moving a gun into the trashcan; however,
the chance of obtaining one is only 33%. The tier shard's rarity corresponds with the deconstructed weapon (e.g. deconstructing an Other-Worldly can grant you with an Other-Worldly Shard). Crafting is impossible without tier shards.


In order to begin crafting, you are going to first need three tier shards of the same or different rarity.

  1. Navigate to the crafting tab of your inventory.
  2. Move a tier shard into each of the three slots at the top of the menu.
    1. Up to six different outcomes will be displayed at the bottom of the crafting menu. A random weapon with the same stats as one of the possibilites will be crafted.
  3. A currency (optional) may be added. Different currencies have different effects on crafted weapons.
    1. There is not a 100% chance for a currency to work in crafting; hence, the more currency added, the higher the chance.
  4. Up to 4 sacrifices (optional) may be added. Crafted items have a higher chance of becoming the type of weapon that correspondswith the sacrifice(s). The higher-rarity the sacrifice, the greater the percentage, up to a maximum of 95%.
  5. Click on the "Combine!" button at the bottom of the menu and a crafted weapon will appear in your inventory.


An example of what the crafting menu may look like.

Currency Effects in Crafting

  • Coin.png.545edeafd6819417db3107190edff2a3.png Coin - 50% more currency rewards.
  • Tear.png.2cc279182bdc83d7fc443caa40d3ba29.png Magical Droplet - Droplets can roll all modifiers.
  • Heart.png.82684938c56742c8951259eceb7e15c2.png Mara's Heart - Adds an extra modifier.
  • Dice.png.9d849fa5d3b18d0d07c90fb708dfb566.png Reflective Die - Modifiers roll better percentages.
  • Hand.png.80a9f4670dd7365cca0c957b2d60cf46.png Yaari's Taking - Modifiers roll one tier lower 50% of the time.


  1. Don't deconstruct your favorite weapons/weapons you enjoy using.
  2. Don't deconstruct Mysticals, Shadowys, or Other-Worldlies unless you have something better and ABSOLUTELY know the price and the risk that you are taking.
  3. Don't use Junk, Vintage, or Powerful shards in crafting, as they can only roll a maximum of 2-3 modifiers.
  4. Don't use a Stable Shard in crafting if you like having damage over time modifiers.
  5. Don't just randomly throw currencies into the crafting menu; instead, figure out which currency effect you prefer.


  1. Get a decent primary & secondary weapon before beginning to deconstruct and craft weapons.
  2. Deconstruct Common, Uncommon, and Stable weapons if you have better items or if they have bad modifiers.
  3. Check prices of weapons in the Pluto Discord before deconstructing them if you are unsure of their value.
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Added a newbie and advanced crafting guide, as well as some crafting Q&A.

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