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Jakey Aims

[Player Complaint][Kirito/Asuna][Scamming] 

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Date of Occurrence:1/25/2020
Which map did this occur on: IDK
Offender Name: Kirito/asuna
Offender SteamID:STEAM_0:1:87036960
Offender DiscordID: Asunaa-chan#4925
Your Name: Taff/Jakey
Your DiscordID: Jakey#2977 or it will be Taff#2977
Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: I was looking for a coinflip 1-2k and the offender Kirito ingame and Asuna on discord said I will do one. we proceed to the discords reeeee room and asuna says 
asuna-chanToday at 7:14 PM yoo @Jakey bo1 1k each ur tails? who is rolling   I said I will and proceeded to roll  tails one as seen in the video im gonna post and she says I didnt agree and wont give me my droplets even though saying - bo1 1k each ur tails? who is rolling is pretty much agreeing.

Confirmed Witness(es): Not 2 sure Its seen in the video

Additional Information

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Jakey has received the agreed upon amount of 1k droplets without further incident.

This will not count as first offense scamming due to the easily reached and peaceful resolution.


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