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Hey guys! We need more weapon modifiers! Answer this poll for a chance to get a badge stating you created a mod in game! You will also get a commemorative non-tradable weapon with this modifier as an implicit.

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Deity 1 | 2  (Mod is only rolled 5% of the time when compared to other mods, making the mod very rare as it is very good).

On kill:

-You heal 10 HP instantly | You heal 5 HP instantly

-Your movement speed increases by X for a period of X seconds | Your movement speed increases by X for a period of X seconds.


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Tank I-III

Speed is reduced by X% while holding this weapon but weapon damage is increased by Y%


Speed and damage received are reduced by X% while holding this weapon

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Has a chance to shoot the weapon out of a enemies hand. (only if you hit their arms)

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Useless I-V

This has no effect on your gun but when the gun reaches a certain xp threshold this mod will be re rolled into a random skill of the same tier. So if you have useless II when it rolls you could get reloading II or any other mods at tier II and it works the same for every tier. 

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Tracker l - V

Each hit has a chance to put a glow effect on them and make them visible even through walls.

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Miner I - III

After a righteous kill, there is a X% chance to gain a credit.

Traitor/detective credits, to clarify.

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Soul Driven I-III

On rightful kills this player gains, 20 more ammo, unto a maximum of 180 reserve at max level.

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Virus I-III

Converts X% of your damage to infection damage, slowing the player by Y%.

(Slower than all the current dots, but much more effective when the player moves, similar to bleed, but not slowing them as much as crippling would do)

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Auto Mag 

Has X% Chance to Automatically refill mag after kill 

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I-IV % - 1% to 8%

This mod has the ability to make the person you killed disappear leaving nothing left.

Blindness or Lights out
I-III - 0.50% to 4%, 1 second to 3 seconds

This mod has a chance when shooting a target to blind them for a few seconds.

I-II - 0.20% to 5%

This mod has a small chance to launch your target flying in the direction you shoot them from

Skin of steel
I-III - 2% to 10%

This mod has a chance to give you extra defence from damage after killing a correct target (for example) lowest 5% defence highest up to 20% defence

Greedy boy
I-V - 2% to 25%

This mod gives you a better chance of dropping more drops on correct kills (unattainable on coined weapons)

I-III - 3% to 15%

Works a lot like a stun baton when hitting the target you stun them for a few seconds 1-3 secs mabye

Magnet bullet
I-II - 0.50%- 1.50%

I’m not sure if this is possible to code but it’s for players who miss a lot and it auto hits the target you’re shooting with one bullet to the head

Pk fire (or fire bolt)
I-IV - 1% to 10%

Fires out a single shoot of fire while firing your gun setting them on fire for a few seconds 1-3 seconds

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I am lazy so I only use one variable but every time I use x is stands for a different number. Meth.



Stacks freezing. Freezing will be removed after x seconds of not hitting the target. Every 3 stacks of freezing will slow the person by x%, every 5 stacks will increase the damage taken by x%



x% Chance for bullets to become shocking. Enemies shocked will have a 10% chance to not fire a round



Every consecutive hit increases the RPM of your weapon by x%



X% chance for a bullet to have x times the amount of knock back, 1% chance for knocking the gun from your hand when shooting


Penetrating rounds

Bluiets have a 50% chance to penetrate a target and possibly hit people behind. On armor: 50% chance to ignore armor.


High Cal.

increases kick by x%, increases damage and knock back by x%.


Explosive rounds

players within x range of the person hit will take x% of the damage taken (does not apply dots, only initial damage counts)



X% chance to make hit person lighter, causing their jumps to be higher and their movement speed  to become lower. Increases your own jump height by x%.



Has a x% chance to mark a player when hit, highlighting him to your team and increasing damage taken by x% for 3 seconds.


Health shot

Reduces weapon damage by X%. This mod converts the damage the weapon deals into healing.


Sticky load

Has x% chance to convert a bullet into a sticky explosive that will deal 25% damage on hit but deal 100% damage in  x radius after 3 seconds.


The Flash

Weapon damage is reduced by x%. RPM is multiplied by x.



Shotguns only. Reduces rpm. Increases kick. Precision becomes 100%. Range is increased drastically. It’s basically a sniper.


The Hornet

x% chance for bullets to have a slight homing effect.


Panic Button

If your HP is under x%, your rpm is increased by x%.



Has x% (very low, max 1%) chance to kill a person on hit if they damaged you first.



Takes x% damage and applies it as dot. The modifier is between x-x and is applied randomly.



Once rolled, this modifier cannot be removed with takings or rerolled by droplets. As long as this modifier is on your Weapon, you can lock modifiers and prevent them from being removed.


Crafting (Alternative)

Once rolled, this modifier cannot be removed with takings or by rerolling with droplets. You can remove this modifier by sacrificing x experience. When removing this modifier, select one modifier to replace it (of a list of 5 or so)



Killing a player rightfully will for x seconds boost your movement speed, as well as control and precision of your gun

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You gain x health every x seconds while standing still.   health and seconds depends on tier of I II III.   5 10 15  health   10 15 20 seconds.


the first bullet will have a 50% 45% 35% 25% to expload dealing 15 20 25 30 amount of damage depending on tier I II III Iv.

Super star

Killing someone wil have a 15% 20% 35% to make you take 70% 60% 40% less damage for  4 5 6 seconds.

feather fall

Killing someone will negates fall damage for  5 -  15 seconds.


The weapon now has a laser dot.

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Cray vision or smthing


Has an x chance of highlighting players you shoot for x amount of seconds

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Hidden:, when killing another gain a temporary disguise(random chance) that last for no more than 2 seconds

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Sticky bomb I-V (idea from risk of rain 2)

Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance for a bomb that detonates for x damage to attach to that enemy. The chance increases by x for a sticky bomb to be applied every stack accrued after the first.

Silence I-V ( gay and broken because most of the suggestion suggest broken ones so why not )

Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance to silence 1 or x amount of mods randomly.

Slower projectile 

Converts rpm to damage by percentage

Elemental focus (meme)

converts 100% of gun damage and only able to deal elemental (fire,,ice,thunder) dots to enemy

Whack I-V ( no melee mods but please )

Melee has a x chance to strike twice

Ice Nova I-V

Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance to trigger a small chilling circle of ice that expands after x amount of hits

-Support mods ( call me lazy but what if we introduce support mods that are like support gems in poe that boost mods by (damage/chance of proc/levels)

Empower support Level 1-3 ( rare because its strong )

Once this reaches level 2 or above adds a level on other mods. And increases anything related with numbers on the supported mods by x%

Elemental support

Increases elemental dots x% damage

Bleed support

Deal x% more physical damage (gun base damage) to bleed enemies

Poison support

Deal x% more damage to poisoned enemies




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idk why its highlighted and gay
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ricochet: (%) of shots is reflected based angle of impact


Grounding: (%) of shots to prevent the user from jumping/crouch hopping


Emptying: Empty your whole magazine within under .5 sec 1/X chance

(adds a boatload of recoil)


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Has an x amount of chance of penetrating the target doing x(%) of damage to anyone else it hits

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Getting A kill speeds up your reload by x%  (effect lasts the whole round, stackable) 

Heat of Battle-

Getting A kill boosts your stability by X% and increases accuracy by X% and lasts for X seconds (not stackable) 

Dynamite with a lazerbeam- 

Getting a kill loads an explosive round into your magazine. Said round has a large blast radius and does X extra damage.(damage of blast drops off)(can only be on slow firing high damage weapons ex. m24-s or deagle)


After a kill, go invisible for 1-5 seconds (not sure if players should be able to shoot while invis or not)

Fun Switch-

After a kill, firerate increases by x% for 5-10 seconds (does not stack)

High Caliber-

Lowers firerate by x% and increases damage by x%


After a kill, your movement speed increases by x% (stacks but wears off)

These are just a few ideas

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