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Suggest your Cosmetics!


Cosmetics can be ANY prop or model.

List the prop name (you can right click it in the spawn menu in Sandbox and copy model name):
If it is in another game or workshop addon list it here:
List where it should be (head, shoulder, back, etc.):

Vote up what you want!

THERE IS NO LIMIT ON WHAT WILL BE ADDED. Suggest slowly if you can so other people also get a chance to suggest things. You are allowed to suggest unlimited amounts of stuff.


Good luck!

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models/Combine_Helicopter.mdl    models/combine_apc.mdl    models/buggy.mdl    models/airboat.mdl    models/Items/hevsuit.mdl    models/props_combine/combine_train02a.mdl    models/props_combine/CombineTrain01a.mdl    models/props_trainstation/train003.mdl    models/props_trainstation/train002.mdl    models/props_trainstation/train001.mdl

Effects that float near your head/torso




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