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Hi everyone, I'm looking for suggestions for unique weapons. Submit suggestions here, and if I like your idea enough to use it, I'll give you a special untradeable version of the unique weapon once it comes out!

Every unique weapon has an interesting name, a cool model, and an special trait to go along with it, so those are the three main things I'm looking for. I prefer to use weapons from the TFA CS:O pack, so I'll include some examples here that you can include in your suggestion, or you can find others on your own. Follow this format:

Weapon Name:

Weapon Model:

Weapon Special Trait:

If you don't have a specific model or a specific name, that's fine, but I do really want to have creative specialties for each unique so that's the most important thing.


Here are some weapon models you could use for your suggestion if you want (but you don't have to use them):

Ballista-Like Gun


Clockwork Double Barrel Shotgun


"Bouncer" idk


Crystal Machine Gun


Energy Blaster



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All of these Uniques are based around weapons from the TFA CSO packs.

Weapons with a ⭐Star next to them are my personal favorites.



Assault Rifle/SMG

Divine Guardian

After each kill, damage is permanently increased by a small amount. 

Works the same as the Soulseeker, but the damage increases rather than rpm.





Shot targets are slowed. This effect stacks. After each kill, right-click to summon a field around the player that slows and slightly damages those who get too close.




Shocking Vitality ⭐

The longer the player survives into the round, the more powerful it becomes. A small bolt of lightning will shoot for every 7 shots. Each stage increases rpm and decreases the time between lightning shots.

tfa_cso_stunriflea, tfa_cso_stunrifleb, tfa_cso_stunriflec





Skipstep/Split Step⭐

After a kill, teleport to the location of the target.





Heaven's Might

Starts in shotgun mode. Right-click to go into assault rifle mode.






Copies the stats and modifiers of the weapon belonging to the last killed player.

The copied mods and stats will be tied to the weapon the killed player had out when they died. It will only work on primaries/secondaries. It will not copy its constellations.






Phoenix's Revenge

The more damage that is taken, the greater damage it does.





Ghost Knight

After getting a kill, go invisible for 4 seconds. Go invisible for .5 seconds after getting shot. Shooting while invisible takes off 2 seconds.

Ability only works if the weapon is out.





Teleports the bodies of killed players to the user. If it does not kill the target, it jolts their screen.

I might update this one.






If a pellet hits, no ammo is consumed.

Low mag in order to make sure this isn't OP.






High & Mighty

The blue revolver (High) increases movement speed and jump height when held. The red revolver (Mighty) does more damage when held. Right-click to switch.





Vampiric Sting

Throw the vial of blood on the target to cause them damage over time. Damaging targets hit by the vial also heals the player by 50% of the weapon's damage.




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Posted (edited)

Weapon Name : The Explorer (Melee)

Weapon Trait : Swing! By clicking mouse two, this melee extends and can swing off props.

Extra : By pressing mouse one you have a large melee attack. This melee attack lights objects on fire, for the cost of a lot of base damage.

Description : Snakes.




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Wep Name: Hateful Plaything

Model: image.thumb.png.fcc9d385e7a8e278a9ee18c301033a48.png

Wep Trait: Goes into the Primary slot. Secondary Fire deals no damage, however it turns the victim's screen into various shades of pink, or distorts their viewing in some way. It also plays a childish laughter on their screen. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. When victims are in this state, the weapon dmg increases (you do dmg with the primary fire ofc). This effect can stack, however the secondary fire has twice as much recoil and half the rpm, making it much harder to get the shots.   (Maybe also make the first shot do less dmg for balance idk)


Wep Name: Triple Blades

Model: image.thumb.png.9246f0264ab2c4ec14d6c49c4fdcbccb.png

Wep Trait: Goes into the Melee slot. Primary fire shoots 3 projectile knives that can bounce off surfaces, which can also deal dmg, but at a lower cost. Secondary fire is just a basic bitch slashy slash nothing special. 


Wep Name: Water Gun

Model: image.thumb.png.9ec9ea42451f30f88701c93091d6f553.png

Wep Trait: Goes into the Secondary slot. Doesn't deal much damage, however it pushes people with every shot, and when shot at the floor, makes the surrounding areas slippery for a short while. (If this isn't possible for whatever reason, make it so that it instead makes the players slippery for a short while when shot at them instead. If still not then f for my idea)


Wep Name: Violince

Model: image.thumb.png.5b05469fd610670192296aa1f3c49f0d.png

Wep Trait: Goes into the Primary slot. Secondary fire changes the pitch of the notes

that's really it for this one I just find this thing hilarious as hell.


Wep Name: Dual-Purpose       or      2 in 1

Model: image.thumb.png.3c86bdb998175f46f91ac3d3e97acb55.png

Trait: This gun can slot into both the Primary and Secondary slots. If that is not possible then that idea is gone. The gun serves two purposes when in either slot. When in the primary slot, it has an increase in damage relative to the normal TMP, and increases with each kill (also maybe make it set the enemies on fire because haha dragon). When in the secondary slot, it would work similar to the Triple Barrel, that being it increases your speed or something similar. The damage would either be like a normal TMP or less of one, but it would have +10 mag size. 

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Weapon Name: Big Glock

Weapon Model:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1750939381


Weapon Special Trait: It has massive recoil and pushes the player back with each shot. Can be used to increase jump hight or speed up.



Weapon Name: Megalogun

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: It fires many weak pellets. Each hit applies a "bleeding" that stays on for a few seconds. If a certain number of bleedings were applied, the gun goes into blood frenzy and shoots a single bullet with massive damage. The effect runs out after some time, getting kills extends it by a few seconds.



Weapon Name: Launchpad/Aircraft Carrier

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Right-click to scope in. Aquires a target by staying scoped on a player (or close enough) for 2 seconds. Shots will fly slowly and hunt the player. Unscoped it is just a DMR. ALT: Shotgun with horizontal spread only. Right-click returns shots to the magazine, causing damage if a player was hit. Has a cooldown or requires kills to use.



Weapon Name: Power drill

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Melee. Right-click performs a dash forward, damaging players in the way.



Weapon Name: The Eternal

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Fully automatic. Right-click switches to fuller-automatic, increasing RPM and lowering recoil and damage. 50/75 round drum magazine.



Weapon Name: PEWpew

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Makes a laser pew shot sound. Kills decrease the recoil until the end of the round. Getting 2 kills unlocks the second barrel, increasing damage by 50% but doubling (base) recoil.



Weapon Name: The Liquifier

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Fires a stream of acid. Deals no damage itself, applies stacking acid dot that does 1 damage per second (in 10 ticks if possible) for 5 seconds.



Weapon Name: The Big Bang

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Shoots a single, high damage bullet that 1taps head and deals 80 body damage. A player hit in the body is ragdolled for 3 seconds. A player shot in a limb is crippled for 30 seconds. Reload takes ages.



Weapon Name:The Godfather

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: A deal you can't refuse. Right-click utilizes your charisma to make the enemy unable to shoot for a short moment.



Weapon Name: Tesla's revenge

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Short range. Fires lightnings that slow the enemy and make him spasm (moving the crosshair around every now and then). Reloads while not fired (like mystical reserves).



Weapon Name:  Vampire's Bane

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: 3 round magazine. Hitting a player stops them from regenerating any health for 5 seconds. Right-click fires all 3 shots at the same time but with heavily reduced accuracy.



Weapon Name: Heal gun

Weapon Model:


Weapon Special Trait: Left-click fires rounds, right-click heals. (It could either heal other players or it could just heal the player himself). Healing is slow and consumes 1 ammo per hp healed, shots consume 10 ammo. Has 100 ammo.

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Posted (edited)

Weapon name: Brick Piece


Weapon model: tfa_cso_brickpiecev2


Weapon special trait: On kill the body is turned into a plastic statue and you gain some power for your special bar. Your special activates while you hold right click building you into a random medium sized prop (barrel, crate, ect.) and putting you in third person for as long as you hold right click or until you run out of power.


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Posted (edited)

Weapon Name: The Bio-Hazard
Model Name
Possible Unique Ability A: Grenade disperses a cloud of toxic fumes that inflicts permanent damage if hurt. (Permanent meaning Mortal Wound-esque damage.

Possible Unique Ability B: Grenade disperses a cloud of toxic fumes that deals neurotoxin damage while inside of the cloud radius.

The Vampiric Transfusion

Weapon (Grenade)

Model Name:450844863_VampiricTransfusion.thumb.jpg.869015a8379194451c37e1e89a5639b5.jpg

Unique Ability: Damage dealt by this grenade is returned to the thrower as health. (This grenade would be incompatible with Demonic)

Edit: Was tired so I will be updating this tomorrow with missing model names)

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Posted (edited)



Special Trait: When killing with a headshot, it refills the ammo clip of your primary and increases the reload of all guns by 25% and speeds up equip/holstering of all items by 55% for 10 seconds.

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Gains speed and capacity for every kill



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Legionäre Erheben

Bodies glow blue after being killed by this weapon

Recoil is also slightly lowered



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Posted (edited)

Weapon Name : Death-Belt

Weapon Trait : Magazine is instantly filled on kill, and kills also increase the magazine size by 10. (Base magazine size of 50)plutounique04.jpg.ef70a87018313ab55d88e7d8efe2e1b2.jpg.6716f4a0936218b427ca9317bde7dbbf.jpg


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Weapon name: Бугорский 19-78 particle gun

Weapon trait: The particle beams it fires does low damage to everything except the brain. Headshot kills are completely silent.



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Weapon Name: Xenophage

Weapon Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2028634643&searchtext=destiny+2

Weapon Special Trait: Can fire high-powered explosive rounds

Weapon Name: The black spindle/ Whisper of the Worm

Weapon Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901264105&searchtext=destiny+2

Special Trait: Can refill the whole mag after 3 consecutive hits(as this has base mag of 3) and has a chance to return a bullet when missed


Weapon Name: Devil's Ruin

Weapon Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2011727877&searchtext=destiny+2

Spicial Trait: can fire a high powered laser upon charging with the left mouse button


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Posted (edited)

Golden Revolver



Unique Secondary, would be really neat to have the scope on it. Possibly could be one shot headshot if you limit the primary ammo max to 1. 

Special Trait: Shoots tracer rounds that (possibly) explode on impact damaging everyone around the target for a medium amount of damage.

Edited by minty

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Ethereal Inflictor


Unique Melee

Special Trait: Does no physical damage but instead inflicts (X) amount of mortal wound instead 


Fire Inflictor 


Unique Melee

Special Trait: Does meager physical damage but inflicts fire damage 


(If either of these concepts have already been suggested in some form then I will take this down)

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Weapon name: Hopstopper


Weapon model: tfa_cso_crowbarcraft


Weapon special trait: The secondary attack delivers a low damage electrical shock to your opponent that immediately brings their momentum to 0 and slows them very briefly


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Weapon name: Fist of the dual handgun


Weapon model: tfa_cso_dualinfinityfinal


Weapon special trait: Gun fu: replaces your heavy primary weapon with two lightweight handguns allowing for a much higher jump and a somewhat faster walk speed. Also a kick for a secondary melee attack that lets you kick off of walls and objects/players like this game Maximum Action on Steam (steampowered.com)


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Weapon name: Thunder walker


Weapon model: tfa_cso_thunderpistol


Weapon special trait: high damage slow reload single shot secondary. Knocks the person hit by it away from the shooter. Small explosion on impact with level geometry. Launches props when you shoot them. The tracer it comes with looks really great, maybe keep it? Maybe add recoil that pushes the player backwards like the beretta rifle?


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Weapon name: Divine lock


Weapon model: tfa_cso_divinelock


Weapon special traitStarts off with lower damage and a fast reload rate, damage rises and reload gets slower with every kill.


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Weapon name: Fortune's son


Weapon model: tfa_cso_m16a1ep


Weapon special trait: Secondary attack is a melee. Every time you reload the gun rolls a new random effect and clears the old effect it had. Effect could range from doing poison damage to the people you hit, healing you a small amount when you hit someone, rewinding your movement a few seconds, setting you on fire if you miss, doing one point of damage to you, ect. Basically just meant to be pure chaos to add some challenge for the people using it.


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Posted (edited)

Weapon name: Vitality's Contract 


Model: plutounique05.jpg


Weapon Special Trait: Right click a player to share healing and damage taken with that player. Can only be used on 1 player and can only work if both players are traitors.




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