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Admin+(s) who recommended you (if applicable): Certain specific individuals (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) also Meepen

State why you believe you are able to take on this new role (at least 100 words):

I have been playing TTT for coming up on 9 years now, staffed on two other TTT servers, and I have been staffing here on Pluto for around 15 months now. In all this time I have been able to learn the ins and outs of Pluto’s TTT, the social interplay, and build a good basis for my understanding of the rules of the gamemode and how to enforce them. I believe I have shown enough maturity and levelheadedness to fulfill a role as administrator here on the team. Furthermore, I hope to help finish and publish Rules V2, Sniperz has put a ton of work into them and they are almost ready for release. I hope with a position as Administrator I would be able to work with the staff team to finish and publish them! Pluto will always have a place in my heart and I am here for the long run!

All that being said, I must be very clear: I am taking classes full time in university, I am working a part time job, and I am trying to date/have a social life. University takes the majority of my time right now which means, as some of you may have noticed, I am most active on the server during my spring, winter, and summer breaks. I am always available on discord and peepin’ the forums, and I still handle pings in #admin-to-me during these busy times, but I am usually not online as much as the true Pluto sweats haha.

With all of that being said, I leave it up to Meepen and the community to decide if I am eligible for this position! Please leave as much input as you can folks; it is always helpful in the decision-making process. Positive or negative! You just click “Reply to this topic…” and submit your reply. All replies are automatically hidden, meaning only Meepen and any other current administrator+ staff members (aka not me) can see your comments, so be honest! 

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