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[Unban Appeal] (xxprogamer54xx)

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Username: xxprogamer54xx
DiscordID: 219344131321888769
Which server did you get banned on: dallas 2 i think
Which Staff Member banned you: Dog
What was the reason for your ban: Hacking
How long was the ban: Permanant

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: had high ping because im not near dallas/america, looks like i have constant backtrack, asked for proof got none so i had to ask around and got the proof, the proof doesnt look like any proof to me instead just looks like high recoil + high ping + low spectator tickrate.


oh and the last guy i couldnt hit because he was going at light speed not because i "turned off my hacks".

nice other edit: if i had some sort of spectatorlist then i wouldnt have "aimlocked" the 2 times i did.
Confirmed Witnesses: N/A

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