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Username: ShotGun
DiscordID: ShotGun#2622
Which server did you get banned on:
Which Staff Member banned you:
What was the reason for your ban: Racism in vc/ban evasion
How long was the ban: Perma

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: I was in vc with some friends and decided to say the hard r to mess with on eof the staff members.
Why do believe you should be unbanned?: I believe I should be unbanned because there is nothing in the rules stating that I cant say the n word in vc, nor was my statement of saying the n word directed at anyone, there is also no rule in discord tos stating that the n word is against tos.
Confirmed Witnesses: Goose#7000 [WB]fork#2704

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Denied. We do not tolerate when people say any hateful words such as that anywhere in our community.

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