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[Player Complaint][Offender Name][Offense] 
Date of Occurrence: 1/12/2019
Which map did this occur on: Whitehouse
Offender Name:  SadBoyDrip
Offender SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198096887395
Offender DiscordID: SadBoyDrip#1382
Your Name: Mac 
Your DiscordID: Mac#2855
Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible:
Ok so basically me and SadBoyDrip agreed to a gamble right. It was 11k vs Samus Model and Soul seeker. I beat him. He didnt give me the model instead he was holding it and basically said to go again. Keep in mind I already had won it and the multiple witnesses all saw him do this and were telling him to just give me it. Eventually he gave me only the Samus model. I talked with zero and the way he put it was this. We agreed on a trade. I only got half of what was agreed upon. Therefore he has to give me my items

Confirmed Witness(es): SexxiBatman, Archangel, Soul AKA duck 
Evidence: My nvidia is messed up so all I have is the witnesses
Additional Information
I wasnt gonna make this but I talked to SadBoyDrip and he told me he deconned it which is a lie, hes refusing to give me it, I talked to Zero too ill post chat logs. It doesnt take a brain to know that he has to give me the soul seeker, I already have the samus. Thank you.

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The situation worked itself out, Mac received what was promised in the gamble, this will count as first offense scamming. 

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