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Frank moat.gg

Frank's Appeal????

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[Unban Appeal] Frank
Username: Thomas Googas
DiscordID: Frank (MiddleEasternTeenageGirl)#0087
Which server did you get banned on:TTT server
Which Staff Member banned you:Sniperz
What was the reason for your ban:Cannot function, I was too toxic.
How long was the ban:Perm

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: After spending a long time on Pluto I had began to become toxic towards some of the player base. My actions that led up to my ban are NOT justifiable and I understand what I did to get banned. I apologize for what I've done to those certain players and I've come to terms with what I did. I hope I can be let back into this community because of how fun it was to play with friends and certain players like Google. Hopefully even George will come back to play.
Confirmed Witnesses: Spee H, Johnald, Topz, Stalk, Eppen, Sniperz, Angel, Mango Pod

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Ban Removed

Frank, your ban has been removed and replaced with a Watchlist mark for the duration of 2 month. If you have any concerns about the system applied to you, you are welcome to DM me at any time.

Ban replaced with watchlist system. Frank's actions will be monitored to ensure the past does not continue in the present.

Locked & Archived

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