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[ UNBAN APPEAL discord ] /SETH/ IT

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Username:  /SETH/ IT
SteamID: ( I am having trouble retrieving it, I will add it ASAP or handling it to admins trought discord)
DiscordID: /SETH/ IT#8142
Which server did you get banned on: Pluto.gg discord server 

Staff Member banned you: I’m unaware of who banned me or for what reason 
What was the reason for your ban: unaware of it 
How long was the ban: it seems permanent since when I try to join the server discord states “this user is banned from the community”

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: I got banned in game for a month after an accusation of RDM, the month has passed and I am back on playing on Pluto but, for some reason. I have been banned on the discord server in it seems a permanent way. The only thing I can think of it is me letting out some harsh words and insults on the admin who banned me (can’t remember exactly who) after my case was reviewed just a simple RDM even if I was getting blocked purposely by the victim.

I’m here to ask if the ban can be removed on the discord server since I am back actively playing on the TTT server.

Confirmed Witnesses:

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After considering the situation, you've been unbanned from the discord however the warning still stands from our chat after your ban. Please continue to refine your behavior to what you're displaying in our community currently and I will remove it in time.


Discord ban revoked. Monitoring of interactions will continue.

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