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An open forum for ideas and changes to Pluto inventory and mods

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Interesting changes to the server


So the purpose of this post is to expand on some of the ideas that i have said in my previous post of inventory changes, and to expand on some of the ideas that have been said in the forum

  • The ability to auto deconstruct items that the user may not want, options include but not limited to 

    • Rarity of item dropped, so say anything below the 4 mod weapons can be auto dismantled

    • The option to choose Melee,Primary, Secondary ect, to be specifically dismantled 

    • A drop down list of weapons in each category so that you can refine which weapons you enjoy, and which you don't use anyway

  • Saved Loadouts

    • A simple drop down bar right above the character to choose loadouts so to minimize screen usage

    • A level based system so that newer players don’t feel obliged to make a lot of sets, so at level 10 you get a few more loadouts, and every 10 levels or so you get a few more, which would help incentivize to play more often

  • A better dismantling system

    • The ability to highlight more than one item to dismantle

    • A warning that would pop up when you attempt to dismantle an item of a higher rarity 4mod+, or rarer models

  • Shards improvement

    • Maybe turn them into a stackable item, but that would probably be harder, as i haven’t seen any stackable items in any TTT server i have played on yet

    • If not stackable maybe give them a currency slot instead so as to reduce clutter

    • And the ability to combine a lot of shards into a higher tiered shard, so maybe like 20 or 30 to 1 for the junk to vintage as we really don't have a use for vintage and junk tier shards after a little while when we no longer use 2-3 mod weapons

  • Melee mods

    • So for the most part to my understanding melee weapons don't have any additional modifiers that can be added to them using droplets (I might just be too new)

    • Some mods may include, Speed (no more than what Monkey King gets) push delay (v would be an increase and I would be an increase), and push force

  • A more intuitive trading tab

    • So my problem with the trade tab, is it feels slightly clunky due to it require reopening the tab for a removed item to disappear(at least on my end)

    • The tab feels disorganized when you are staring at the item you just placed in but still sits in your inventory due to only taking a copy of the image, maybe a way to make it so the trading tab acts like a storage slot when you put items in

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Autodismantle: Absolutely agree, though a system based on rarity would be better then one based on mod count since inevitables can be very useful.

Saved Loadouts: Shouldn't become too many, two or three should be fine, more then that will become problematic in many ways.

Better dismantle: Also absolutely agree, also warnings should have the option of disabling them.

Shards Improvement: Another good thing, though I am pretty sure it was suggested already.

Melee Mods: Should already be in planning/being worked on since melees with mod slots came out a while ago.

"Intuitive Trading tab": If I understand you right, if you are in an active trade and remove an item from said trade, you need to switch tabs and come back for it to be out of the trade? If that is the case, that is not supposed to happen and if verifying game file integrity doesn't fix it, you might want to try asking in #developer-to-me if there is any fix. In general, the trade is working. That is the most important part. It might not be perfect yet but there is no functionality problems, just blemishes (which will be worked out at some point but have no priority imo)

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A lot of these are one i had thought up and some people hadn't put a whole lot of detail in their posts to my last thread, and i thought i could help give some more options based on what the suggestion entailed, this was mostly to clean up the last inventory change post i had, and to explain some possible branches that could be taken, as this is meant to be for open discussion, (while I'm not code savy in lua, i had a small bit of coding history a few years back as one of my classes)

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