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Unban Appeal- BrGFlamingShark

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Username: BrGFlamingShark
DiscordID: BrGFlamingShrk#7368
Which server did you get banned on: Pluto.gg VA1
Which Staff Member banned you: Worthless
What was the reason for your ban: Racism
How long was the ban: Forever

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: Literally they said if your not the T say the N word, a kid said it before hand, i was saying igger over and over but it must of sounded like the N word even though I wasn't saying it. I honestly believe that even if i was saying the word people wouldnt take it as seriously as they did, I believe they just did it to get someone banned for no reason because they could. 
Why do believe you should be unbanned?: I have been playing on the server on and off for over 4 months, been a dedicated enough player to the server i should be unbanned.  As well this would be my first offense at all on this server so an automatically being banned forever seems harsh to me
Confirmed Witnesses: N/A

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BrG, I believe you still do not understand the severity fully through our DMs, and other exchanged messages. It does not matter if you've never had an offence on Pluto, this statement is false for the record, or if you're a dedicated player. We clearly outline in our rules there is absolutely no use of the n-word hard r. I will not argue the reason why this rule is in place, as it is simply Pluto, your excessive use of "igger" is not believed by myself or any of the team, and to add trying to circumvent the rules deliberately with words that sound similar to, but are not the hard r are included into this rule. The sole saving grace to your appeal was I was clearly showed the full situation in round, where you did not start the situation and were instead lured into it. Your ban will be replaced with Racism - Second Offence due to the severity, and should you ever mirror this behavior at a later time that ban will be unappealable. I feel this is needed to be said since you may not understand the reason why this behavior is not allowed, however if what you've said in your DMs are true there should be no issues in the future whatsoever.

Player unbanned and given Racism - Second Offence as a replacement.

Player warned of severity and should any behavior similar to the situation provided occur again, the resultant ban will remain unappealable and permanent.

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