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[Unban Appeal] (Saicher)

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Username: Saicher
DiscordID: Saicher#0751
Which server did you get banned on:            TTT 
Which Staff Member banned you:                 FishCake
What was the reason for your ban:               Hacking
How long was the ban:                                   Forever

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban:

Somebody was spectating me that had over 200 ping. They recorded a video that seems to portray me using aimbot or something. This is completely false as I did not have any other program running on my computer besides GMOD and I wouldn't want to get banned off of the server. I play on it to hang with my brother (Sneaky) who plays on it constantly. I don't have any reason to be using aimbot as kills don't seem to mean much besides winning a round anyways. I believe that the videos provided are inconclusive at best because of the fact that the user who recorded them had extremely high ping and was also spectating me. We all know how buggy and inaccurate GMOD's spectating system can be. Thank you to whoever reads this and I hope to be able to play with you all again soon!

Confirmed Witnesses: Sneaky

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Bump? Not trying to bother anybody but it has been over a month since my unban appeal has been under review. I'd love to know if a conclusion was found in regards to this so if anybody knows the final verdict on my ban please let me know!

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