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Speed appeal again :)

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[unban appeal]
Username: Speed
DiscordID: Speed #6003
Which server did you get banned on: I think VA1?
Which Staff Member banned you:Sniperz
What was the reason for your ban:  Metagaming x2
How long was the ban: 2 months
Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: Me and some other friends were messing around as usual in the empty TTT server as we usually do and some of us got really anxious to get these new quests done, so as someone would guess what happen next we used to event to complete them with each other. We all received different timed bans depending on what George caught us doing individually.
Why do believe you should be unbanned?: Well I still do feel like I should not fully be unbanned, I feel as though I should get at least one month off due to instance #2 still seeming very unclean to me and it sounds like it was more of adding it as a suspicion that we metagamed in that offense since nothing was really shown of me in that time period. I re-watched the second instance numerous times after the first appeal because some others also thought it was a little funny for me being counted on that as well. I can fully take ownership of being counted in the first offense however I feel like the second one was a little unjustified considering the lack of evidence that was shown of me carrying out the metagaming on video. As you can see from the image I also attached, there is no evidence on voice or video of me being noob stomped in that instance either. Me being the circled and the X being where someone would have stood however, no name was shown to be at the X making it impossible for someone to have been there for a noob stomp.
Confirmed Witnesses: FlicK, Frank, Topz, Johnald, GEORGE!!!


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Hey Speed, after reviewing the recording again I can comfortably agree that both you and Frank should not have been added onto Instance 2, and if so it should have been tagged with EX so it would not be added to the ban. I take sole responsibility for this oversight and because of this I have removed an instance off your ban.
Your remaining ban time is 13 days, 21 hours and ~40 minutes as of posting this.


One instance of Metagaming removed from ban. Ban length reduced by 1 month.

Locked & Archived

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