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In-depth Toming Guide for New Players

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Greetings everyone! I've been asked a couple times how toming works so I decided to make a guide for new players or experienced players who want to dip their toes into toming. So, without further ado, let's get into this!

First off, you're going to want to find tomes. There are a few different ways to do this, and they are listed below.
1. Finding them on the ground as a random drop
2. Quest rewards.
3. (Halloween Exclusive) As a drop from non-mirage ghosts during ghost rounds.
Now that you have tomes, what should you do with them?
There are several different uses for tomes, however we will only be diving into the crafting portion of toming.

Open your inventory and navigate to the crafting menu, it should look like this.
Now that you are in your crafting menu, find 3 different shards (any shards, but personally i recommend 3-4 mod shards only after the toming nerf.)
After you have placed your shards into the 3 slots in the header, navigate to the (+) sign located right under combine.
image.png.1802eff084ba077d0b92fab0c339478a.png The UI should look like this if done correctly.
Place any amount of tomes here, I personally recommend 3-4 as the % scales weirdly, however, I made a chart with all the percentages with the max amount of tomes you being able to place in the menu is 10.
1 tome = 20%
2 tomes = 24%
3 tomes = 28%
4 tomes = 32%
5 tomes = 36%
6 tomes = 40%
7 tomes = 44%
8 tomes = 48%
9 tomes = 52%
10 tomes = 56%

Now that you have a tomed gun, distinguished by text under the # of mods that says
You should attempt to get good mods on it, as if it corrupts and maybe lands coined you don't want your gun to be terrible.
Below is a list of implicits that toming has a chance to add.
Touch of the Arcane (Tome exclusive modifier, does nothing as of 10/30/20)
Mods roll 1 tier lower 50% of the time (Handed)
Has an extra affix slot (Hearted)
Rolls better numbers on modifiers (Diced)
Droplets can roll max modifiers (Dropletted)
Gives 12% more currency rewards per modifier (Coined)
Corrupted (Gun can no longer be modified) (Has a 20% chance to corrupt each tome placed on a weapon.)

Your end game for toming should be a decent 6mod coined weapon.

Thank you for reading my guide and always, dm me @ ynh#4514 if you need any help and/or have questions. 
Leave a comment if something needs to be added/changed and give me suggestions on what I should make guides for next.
For now, bye!

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