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[Complaint][YaBoiNathan][Purp RDM]

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sure you do.



Date: 2020/10/25

Map:  ttt_pluto_icebox

Offender Name: YaBoiNathan

Offender Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:196321695

Offender discord name:  YaBoiNathan#9732

name:  Limeinade

Discord Name:  Limeinade#7359


Nathan had been trying to find reasons to kill me earlier but i didn't collect "good enough" evidence for them so for this one. I picked up a barrel and brought it to a flaming atronach. Nathan was nowhere near me and ran up to me to shoot me after shooting the barrelb/c "holding a barrel is KOSable."


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Nathan was unable to reply on the forums however, he replied in my discord direct messages and these will be hidden & viewable by staff members. After speaking with both parties and getting their sides, I've found this situation to be Accidental RDM by intention to follow the rules to kill you as he was targeting you. The rule has been clarified to Nathan so this should not happen again. With that being said, Nathan's statement above clearly expresses his intention to targeting you and find any reason to kill you. For this reason Nathan will receive the first offence for Bullying & Harassment as this is not acceptable behavior on Pluto. Should this targeting behavior continue from Nathan again, I welcome a second report to follow.

Rules clarified to offender. Offender received a warning for Bullying & Harassment - First Offence.
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