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Banned for absolutly nothing

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Banned falsely
Username: Bent
SteamID: Bent
DiscordID: Bent#2933
Which server did you get banned on: pluto.gg-inventory-virginia
Which Staff Member banned you: hound
What was the reason for your ban: purp 2x rdm
How long was the ban:till september 17

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: apparently i rdmed when i was just defending myself thinking the person was a t then 2 hours later apparenty a child named kaktus "videoed me" rdming and sent it to a admin which has yet to be proven and my friend in a discord call said the admin to f off and i got banned for 2x rdming purp right after and i literally had already explained what happened and he then called me retareded "A Admin" then said he wopuld not communicate and help me get unbanned.
Why do believe you should be unbanned?: i did not do anything i was accused of
Confirmed Witnesses: Tara Dactal and Crispy Waffles

Annotation 2020-08-17 205130.png

Annotation 2020-08-17 205341.png

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Kaktus showed me a video of you turning around and mowing him down unprovoked, this on top of another player's evidence against you from an earlier incident. When I asked you about this in order to get a clearer picture, your only reply to me was "Yeah my friend says shut the fuck up." 

I even asked you simple questions to begin with, you agreed that you understood the rules and that you understood the basics of TTT - and then answered my question pertaining to the evidence with the above statement. 

Ban Upheld

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