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✪ Todd the Turtle Terrorist

A couple suggestions

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Alright, here's a list of suggestions, since forums were wiped I'll just put the old ones I remembered in here and add more stuff...

New guns


As an alretnative to the deagle.

Secondary Shotguns

Because fuck your wrist.

Old Weapons

WW1/2 Guns

Like the Stan, M1 Carbine, MP40, StG44, stuff like that. Also, repeaters would be nice.


Market place

a POE like market place where people can put in their items and ask a certain price, would make finding items you wanna buy way easier and would help prevent overpricing items and buying under value. Also a store page with random, limited goods you can exchange for


Trade rules to protect newbies

Put in a simple rule like "Don't rip off new players". Also a warning popping up the first time you enter trading saying something like "Don't trade before knowing the worth of items. Visit the discord/toxic-trading and have someone else take a look first." or what ever.


After round death match

Many want to use the time in after-round to collect drops so giving the option to not participate in the after round killing/dying so they can collect their shit in godmode, invisible and unarmed or all players could have crowbar only after round.


Currency Magnet

Collect currency items in a small radius around you. Could be a unique item.


Health shot

A very rare mod for sidearms that inverts their damage or makes them heal for a % of their dmg or a certain amount based on their rpm.




Give weapons the ability to roll the same mod twice OR have the gun itself mirror one of the mods, either at random, from the first mod slot or maybe even by choice.


Could give chance to drop skins/skin shards on kill or at round end.

Gifts/Seasonal boxes

Could be used interchangably with boxes


Tome could reduce the chance for bad corruptions to occur or make weapons tomable twice.



Well, If you have any better ideas additions or criticisms feel free to put them in the comments.

Thank you Meepen for finally letting me drop my first otherworldly, even if it was a mac10 you meaniehead 😠


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New Currency Item idea

A currency item as rare as a heart or coin that upgrades a random mod on your weapon.


Inventory management

Make it that you can actually move the inventory pages around.


Inventory Filter

Add a filter that automatically decons weapons based on rarity (maybe in combination with weapon, so you can set it to decon all weapons under rarity x except for gun x with min rarity x).

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