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[Player Complaint][Yuplol][Ghosting]

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Date of Occurrence: 6/1/2020
Which map did this occur on: TTT_minecraftcity_v7
Offender Name: Yuplol
Offender SteamID:
Offender DiscordID:
Your Name: Tango(SCRUB)
Your DiscordID: Tango#0781
Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: 

Confirmed Witness(es): Poke, Frank, Frank, Duck on quack

Additional Information: Alot of players I know don't like the weapon I use, which is my coined usas, I get why they don't but its been brought to the point where people are willing to let others know what role I am at times and I'm tired of it. I get it when people sus me based off Usas being fired, thats understandable and I have no issues with it, but when it comes to the point that my T-Buddies are giving away that I may or may not be a Traitor its really annoying. I don't go around giving away my t-buddies info away in game since I know that it is ghosting. I know also of players who I have killed consistently with this wep (not because I target, but pretty much just always by chance they're in distance of me) and they constantly give me shit for it, I get it though, but it also is my only coined wep and I would prefer to use it over any other wep. That's all I really have to say here. Also If anyone has issues with me, please bring it to my attention, I rather clear up this mess and put it behind us.

EDIT: In the end of the clip Yuplol also says that he says that because I'm using the USAS. I have more of the video, just had it cropped out a bit early.


Edited by Tango(SCRUB)

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Upon reviewing this I cannot consider this to fall under Ghosting, as it requires information to be shared from players who are dead to those alive. However, I will be reviewing this complaint further as (Trolling) and encourage this to be followed by a (Bullying & Harassment) complaint if this behavior is continued.

Upon speaking to the players involved it is clear the actions from Yuplol held malicious intent towards Tango stemming from the weapon Tango was using, and a simple bad day. Going to the point as to call out their role wasn't the best course of action to deal with either of these and won't be tolerated on Pluto.

Reported player will receive a warning for Trolling - First Offence

Locked & Archived 

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