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[Ungag Appeal] Limeinade

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Username: Limeinade
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:160185749
DiscordID: Limeinade#7359
Which server did you get gagged on: Virginia

Which Staff Member gagged you: @T$E Sniperz`
What was the reason for your gag: He realized I should have had the permanent gag on.
How long was the gag: Permanent.
Explain what happened/lead up to the gag: I was gagged multiple times before because I had a soundboard that I used in-game and a voice changer that I used excessively.
Why do believe you should be ungagged?: I have learned from my mistakes because I never took the gags seriously at the time they happened. I no longer use my soundboard when I am talking to people in VC. (unless we are goofing around). I have disabled the voice changer. I know it's most likely going to get denied I am just trying and seeing if it is deserved or not. Also, dying when trying to tell people stuff b/c I have to type gets irritating. I just want to talk to people in-game again.

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