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Stage 10 moat dieseise

[Support Staff] [Shadow]

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Support staff(Shadow) 

Steam ID-  STEAM_0:1:454389203

Discord ID- Shadøw#8681

Time zone- US central same as Meepen

Age- 15 and  half

Mic- yes

I have been playing TTT since 2018 when i had my first run on moat

I have been playing on pluto since before launch day and currently have just shy of  a month of playtime

I have had no past staffing experience but i am friends with many staff and i feel like they would be happy to be mentors to me

The entire time I have been playing I have always wanted to better the community and I feel becoming staff is a major way I can help out, by keeping RDMers and cheaters and bad people off the servers when there is nobody to get rid of them.. I am also very dependable and I stay true to my word. I would strive to become a very good staff and would try to follow in someone like sniperz, hound, sneaky, dick kickem and dog footsteps people who are  very good at what they do on the server.



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