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Unban Appeal Template

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Unban Appeal Rules

You should provide true and accurate information to the best of your abilities; failure to do so may result in your appeal being denied
You may not appeal a punishment under 12 hours; these can instead fall under Staff Complaints or be discussed with a Lead Admin+
If you are flaming players/staff or continuing to cause problems with your active appeal up, it may be upheld
Any appeals posted in a language other than English may result in your appeal being denied
Every decision made on an appeal is overseen and at the discretion of Lead Admin+
You've read and understood all of our rules, and agree not to repeat offenses in the future

Additional Appeal Rules

You can talk about your appeal, but don't spam or toss it around to everyone you come in contact with (no direct links)
You may only post on an appeal if you were involved in it directly or can provide useful information to the appeal
If you need to make adjustments, do so in your original post and leave an edit reason as to why
You may self bump your appeal at least 3 times (this will need to be approved)
Absolutely no flaming, harassing, or unnecessary comments in any form

Unban Appeal Template

[Unban Appeal] (Your Name) <— Topic Title
DiscordID: (YourName#1234 or really long number, leave blank if none)
Which server did you get banned on:
Which Staff Member banned you:
What was the reason for your ban:
How long was the ban:

Explain what happened/lead up to the ban:
Why do believe you should be unbanned?:
Confirmed Witnesses:




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