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Staff Complaint Template

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What makes a valid complaint? 
    A report is generally the result of a negative experience had within the Pluto community/servers perpetuated by a single or multiple individuals in a directional manner. What does that mean? It means a Staff Member was going above and beyond the boundaries of banter and jokes, abusing their given powers to benefit themselves; however some other forms would include but are not limited to: Slaying/Kicking/AFK'ing you for no proper or explained reasoning, acting above the rules and not punishing themselves for any wrongdoings, blatantly ignoring reports/targeting you, using their given powers in any shape or form that goes against the rules, etc. There is many more things that can fall under this and of course it's not limited to this; report as you see fit and it will be investigated.

 What makes an invalid complaint?
     Invalid reports usually include but are not limited to: A lack of sufficient evidence, vague details, or something that wasn't an abuse of power/out of line. A lot of people use reports as a threat and or just make them when they get upset at someone else; these reports are usually made with little to no evidence to support their claims and will be closed without being processed more often than not. However, not all reports will require damage logs, some reports will require chat logs or recordings as evidence--if you cannot provide any of these but are able to provide everything else asked of you by the template, your report will definitely still be looked at but suffers on the fine line between technically valid and invalid. Reports that rely solely on hearsay will likely not go far, investigated or not; so please do your absolute best to provide solid evidence as best as you can. 


Example Template:

[Staff Complaint][Staff Name][Reason] (Example: [Staff Complaint][Zero][Random Slay] or [Staff Complaint][Zero][Teleporting Himself For Currency])
Date of Occurrence (Month/Day/Year)
Staff Member's Name (Steam Name)
Staff Member's SteamID (Find ID at steamid.xyz or by typing "status" in console while in-game using the tilda `  / ~ key)
Your Name (YourName)
Your DiscordID (YourName#1337)
Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible (Where did it happen? What lead up to it? etc.)

Confirmed Witness(es) (People who have directly witnessed what took place and can vouch)
Evidence (Important: Provide in-depth screenshots of damage logs, death scenes if necessary, scoreboards for witnesses)
How do you believe we can fix this (We want to hear what you think) 
Additional Information (If applicable; not required) 


[Staff Complaint][Staff Name][Reason]
<— This goes in the title section
Date of Occurrence:
Staff Member's Name:
Staff Member's SteamID:
Your Name:
Your DiscordID:
Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible:

Confirmed Witness(es):
How do you believe we can fix this:
Additional Information:

Assistance by: Hound

Originally made by Zero

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