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Since a lot of inspiration for stuff on the server came from Path of Exile, I thought why not add some more PoE inspired stuff. The Bestiary is a way of aquiring special crafting material by hunting down monsters, catchig them and then fighting them in an arena for special crafts. However, to add this into TTT, I came up with something a little bit different. Instead of taking them into a kind of zoo and then fighting them for special crafts/enchantments for weapons, monsters could have a low chance of spawning on big maps. You'd get a notification similar to the rare currency notification and then have to find and kill the beasts spawned in. These beasts would then drop some normal currency and have a low chance to drop a rare currency that only rolls/rerolls certain mods, depending on the beast. Also there is an extremely rare drop that can be used in craft to have a chance of getting a (beast specific) STATIC (can't be removed, Tier can't be changed) Tier I modifier.

If beasts spawn in, you have one main beast with a roup of 3-4 extra smaller beasts. The smaller beasts drop droplets, dies or takings, the main beast can also drop rarer currency, like plutonics and acidics, boxes and tomes. Only the main beast has a chance for the rare beast drops.


I had a few ideas for the beasts and their drops, you can check them here as well as give ideas for other beasts/drops.


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