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Found 11 results

  1. The current meta is heavily towards the m4a1 and the tak-47 due to their easy recoil and good damage. A new AR like the H&K 416, TAR-21(Tavor), and FN SCAR-H could be nice additions to the game as well as possibly change the meta. If new guns aren't the solution then possibly rework the above guns (m4a1 and tak47) to have either worse recoil or slightly lowered damage. As a user of both of those guns, the person you're shooting doesn't have much of a chance against them. Especially with the new constellations these guns are definitely overpowered.
  2. Put any quality of life changes/suggestions you would like to see made to TTTRW (the gamemode itself, not the inventory or guns): Ex. (add more detail to death cards.) Also try to add more detail or reasoning as to why you want to see the changes. You may say the same thing as somebody else. This is just to see the importance or lack of features and go gauge what we would want first. None of this is official. Have fun!!
  3. This was said once before that models should get shards or stardust. The idea of getting a reward from deconning models just like how guns give shards would be a great mechanic to add to the game. However, no one, at least that I've talked to, truly wants to make a model from model shards and would much rather receive an amount of currency from the deconstruction. Whether it would be a random currency with a set range you could receive or just a single currency reward like 5 stardust that would fine. Ex. NUT receives an A2 model from an egg. NUT decons the model an receives 5 stardust or 1 acidic or 10 hands, etc. A little message ion chat to display what you got like after round rewards would be how the player was notified of what the received.
  4. This is so that the new owner of a gun may choose their own constellations. Example: A has Gold and Demonic selected with Ice and Wall Peirce. They trade and the selections are reset, eiuther voiding or refunding the XP, the new owner, B, can now select their own constellations, say Gold and Wall Peirce this time. Optionally, an option to reset for stardust, costing 500-1000 to reset the perks to default. As a bonus, perhaps the ability to RE-ROLL constellations for 1000-2000 stardust.
  5. Old coined guns should be allowed to update to new coined if they are not tomed. Old coined guns are strictly worse than new coined guns, and tomed guns are effectively unchanged. For example, an old coined gun with 6 mods goes from 72%>60% while an effectively 8 mod tomed goes from 96%>80% which i may add is STILL MORE THAN A NEW COINED 6 MOD (78%).I spent my entire time on this server making these guns just for them to become worthless because they arent new coined. A LOT of people spent a LOT of time on the server and all THEIR guns are now worthless because new coined. When the server originally nerfed coined, they nerfed ALL guns, not just NEW guns, so why buff NEW guns and nerf OLD guns?
  6. Lower Case r is literally a lower case r. It fires out 6 bullets that spell the word BULLET. If ported to Gmod, the bullets could be heavily slowed to make that apparent. I feel like this would be a good meme gun if it was added, assuming copyright isn't a problem.
  7. I hope im not the only one up for this but a good amount of time ago Water World was in the game. I really think this would be a nice map to add back into the game because I think everyone would love to have it. Considering its a big map and has many places to get on top of it would be great for sniping people with your weapons. Also it would be partly good for any other weapon considering the tunnel and the locker area. Overall I really think this would be a good recommendation to add this map back into the game in Pluto. Let me know what you guys think. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1293781407
  8. ~~> Notice Before you say how stupid of an idea this is, or how broken something like this could be, let me dive deeper into how the item could work. ~~> The Idea A rare currency (a bit rarer than heart) that allows for modifiers to be transferred from one gun to another. ~~> How it Works After selecting the Modifier Transfer Tool, click two guns you would like to have the modifiers be swapped between. Then select if you would like to transfer prefixes or suffixes. ~~> Balancing Obviously an item such as this would most definitely need to be properly balanced. Which leads me to this: It may only be used on guns with the same number of modifiers. You could not transfer an Other-Worldly gun's modifiers over to a Shadowy gun, or vice-versa. This prevents people from just rolling low-tier weapons in order to transfer them to a 6+ modifier gun, or getting a low-tier gun with more modifiers than it should have. Special weapon stats, such as "This gun does not roll Damage Over Time Modifiers" would not be transferrable unless the other gun's modifiers are viable. Prefixes OR suffixes may be transferred between the two weapons, not both. Could be a choice or completely random. Prefix modifiers are modifiers such as Strength, Cycle, etc. Suffix modifiers begin with the word "of" and consist of DOTs, Crippling, etc. ~~> Notes Currency name is a W.I.P. Being a rare currency, a message would appear in chat upon spawning. Like the Coin, selecting the Modifier Transfer Tool would grant the player with a warning.
  9. Name: The Crow A new automatic unique pistol that has a large mag size and my suggestion on the special ability it could do is that after a kill it gains a charge and when u left click it uses all of the charges and makes you run faster for a little bit. These charges stack so the more kills you get the faster you go. Or it could maybe when you left click the gun shoots slower but shoots multiple bullets (The 2 special abilities I came up with are just ideas and probably will change change I just really like the gun) Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1845577793&searchtext=cso
  10. After the forums reset, i have collected my previous suggestions threads into one one large instead. (Some map links are broken, will be fixed at a later date) Maps Small (Best for 2-16 Players) ttt_zanzibar LINK ttt_winterplant_v4 LINK ttt_trinity_church LINK ttt_palace_v1 LINK ttt_basalt LINK ttt_refuge LINK ttt_production LINK Medium (Best for 8-20 players) ttt_tinytown LINK ttt_sideways_city_a4 LINK ttt_kassle_v20 LINK ttt_city_center LINK ttt_busystreet LINK ttt_lookatthatview LINK ttt_productiontown LINK ttt_terminus_v1 LINK ttt_westwood_v4 LINK ttt_trainstation_a5 LINK Large (Best for 16-24 players) ttt_untextured_b3_fix LINK ttt_officeblocks_v3 LINK ttt_digital LINK ttt_mystery_canyon LINK ttt_bb_suburbia_b3 LINK ttt_fg_sexy_render_v6a LINK ttt_goldenplinxprison_v3 LINK ttt_rooftops_lost LINK ttt_shattered_island LINK Guns Unique(s) Kraber LINK Balrog-1 LINK Balrog-3 LINK Lüger Master LINK Crow-1 LINK Rail Cannon LINK Falcon-2 LINK Compound Bow LINK Crossbow LINK Flintlock LINK Throwing Knives LINK Skull-8 LINK Pistol(s) Tac-45 LINK Mateba Unica-6 LINK Ruger LINK Luger LINK Welrod LINK MR96 LINK Fommer Stop LINK C-96 LINK Nambu type 14 LINK Pistolet Ruby LINK CZ75 SP01 LINK OTs-33 LINK Makarov PM LINK SW39 LINK Tariq LINK Rifle(s) Type 100 LINK EDGE LINK FN FAL LINK HK416C LINK C7E LINK R5 LINK AEK-971 LINK G2 Rifle LINK Sniper rifle(s) Hunting Rifle LINK Karabiner 98K LINK Remington MSR LINK M40A5 LINK Mosin Nagant LINK M24 LINK SVD LINK Bolt action rifle(s) Mauser 1886 LINK Type 99 LINK Lebel Rifle 1886 LINK SMG(s) Spectre M4 LINK Sten Gun LINK VC61 Scorpion LINK MP40 LINK Vector LINK UZI LINK Howa Type 64 LINK Shotgun(s) Fort-500 LINK M870 LINK Stevens 620 LINK DMR(s) SKS LINK G43 LINK HK417 LINK SCAR-H SSR LINK Longbow DMR Sniper LINK LMG(s) RPK-74M LINK M60 LINK Melees Blade(s) Xian Dagger LINK Star wars Vibrosword LINK Fury's Song LINK Sword Cane LINK Sword LINK Roman Sword LINK Longsword LINK Katana LINK Insurgency Knives LINK Apocalyptic Machete LINK Morrowind Tantos and Katanas LINK Morrowind Short Swords LINK Morrowind Long Swords LINK Morrowind Broadswords and Sabers LINK Ebony Blade LINK Dragon Blade LINK Blunt Thunderhammer LINK Pipe Wrench LINK Pick Axe LINK Siege Hammer LINK Police Baton LINK Morrowind staves LINK Morrowind Maces and Clubs LINK Morrowind Hammers and Halberds LINK Axe(s) Axe LINK Halberd LINK Downrange Tomahawk LINK Combat Axe LINK Climbing Axe LINK Battleaxe LINK Other(s) Chainswords LINK No More Room in Hell Melees LINK Electric Crowbar LINK D/T Tools Position Swapper LINK Explosive Corpse LINK Prop Disguiser LINK Matyrdom LINK Mirrored Fate LINK Dead Ringer LINK Detective Cam LINK Deathgrip LINK
  11. Primary: In my opinion the current sniper playstyle needs a new weapon. I personally dislike the scoped snipers that are offered, and feel a weapon similar to the Lee enfield or springfield, offering higher damage than scoped snipers, More of a skill = reward kind of weapon. Some other high range weapon option would be a sort of shotgun (scoped or unscoped) similar to a double barrel but with tighter spread, so your accuracy gets rewarded not really a replacement to the sniper since it's still a shotgun but a better mid range option to the normal shotgun but with a 1 (or 2) bullet mag then you would undergo a medium reload speed. Secondary: I personally feel there is a glaring lack of secondary options, it's almost a bad choice to pick anything other than the deagle (pocket sniper), I feel we should have some alternatives that offer a something better than the deagle does (TMP is a good option but it's rarely used and the low damage is unappealing to people (does not need a buff btw)) Revolver, this one is kind of obvious, but i'd be good to have a revolver type weapon with 6 rounds that you can fire at a much higher rpm than the deagle for less damage. Deringer, if you don't already know, The deringer is like a mini double barrel shotgun, I feel this would suit sniper play since a good way to kill snipers it to get really close and personal, and a Deringer could make it so snipers have something to counter that. The deringer would deal massive close range damage but have really bad falloff making it useless in ranged play with a fast draw time but a painfully slow reload. kind of like the same thing as a (blunderbuss but fires 2 shots at the same time) Reworks: I really dislike when i'm having the T round of my live, blinking around, mowing people down, then some guy with 2 hours 1 deags me from the other solar system, I don't think necessarily the deag needs a nerf, just a slight rework, Although i'm not a developer i'll try my best to try to find a fix. As it stand i feel the deag is a little too easy to use, even lower variants of the weapon are godlike, I was in the server with someone who had a deagle that 2 shots and good mods so it was basically a primary weapon. So, In my opinion the deag should have a slightly slower reload time, should not have a instant headshot but should get them to around 10-15hp , with a lower RPM..... OR and i'm being serious here, don't rework anything and switch the deag to the primary slot. I'm not sure about the demons promise since i've never used it, but if it has the same stats as the Deagle, It should not be changed, since it's already so hard to obtain. This took a lot of thinking to come up with, if you like it please +1 it or if you disagree leave a comment about what you disagree with. Remember i'm not a dev this is just all opinion Misc: (On of my favorite weapons on m̷̧͎̩͔̙̼̜̠̓̕ơ̷̰̲̈́a̵̱̠̘͛͊̋̚͘͝t̷̹̬́̍̏̈́ͅ was the stealthano, a silenced pistol that fires fast and has a red dot sight, that does med damage, i'd be nice to see that added since it was so fun to play with)
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