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Found 1 result

  1. Coming from someone who has a lot of experience using high-percentage Coined/Tomed guns, I can confidently say that they are too powerful when it is considered how easy it is to create them. It simply isn't worth using a non-unique gun that isn't coined, as you'll be getting significantly less currency spawns in comparison to everyone else. While I do understand the point of Coined is to give a lot more Currencies, the amount that they give is just too high, discouraging players from using any other weapons. Changes: Flat rate of 25% more currency on Coined weapons that have a base of 4 Modifiers or less. Flat rate of 50% more currency on Coined weapons that have a base of 5 Modifiers or greater. Modifiers that are added to guns via using an Arizor's Tome (+2 maximum) count as an extra 5% more currency each. Implicits should no longer increase currency spawns in order to reduce the power of Tomed Coined guns. Examples: A Deagle with 4 Modifiers | 48% ➜ 25% more currency spawns A Deagle with 6 Modifiers | 72% ➜ 50% more currency spawns A Deagle with 6 Modifiers & Dropletted Implicit | 84% ➜ 50% more currency spawns A Deagle with 9 Modifiers & Dropletted, Hearted, Handed Implicits | 144% to 65% more currency spawns Result: Using non-coined weapons is encouraged more. Using better shards in Tomed crafting is encouraged more. If there is anything I have forgotten to consider/my idea sucks because <reason>, please let me know.
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