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Found 1 result

  1. Username: YaBoiNathan SteamID: STEAM_0:1:196321695 DiscordID: YaBoiNathan#8008 How old are you?: 16 Do you have a microphone?: Yes How long have you been playing TTT?: Since early 2016ish How long have you been playing on Pluto?: Since the community was announced Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: Was an admin for a small server called dinkleberg If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: 1 year and 2 months In exactly 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: I believe I would make a good fit for the staff team because I know my way around the rules of the server and even have them pinned so one click and they're opened. I've spent a lot of time ingame and I'm very sure it's over 72 hours. I've been in this community for about 2 years now(?) Or maybe a little more or less. I've very active in the discord and I have around 13k messages. I'm very familiar with the members in this community and I've known a lot of them for an upward of 2 years. I would be able to be ingame atleast 5 days a week and usually 6 or 7. When spring rolls around I'll be a little less active but I'll still be on atleast 4 or 5 days a week. Obvious school and irl will come first but I am dedicated to this server and dedicated to make it as great as a place as possible. I have never been banned or kicked before ingame and the only mutes and gags I've gotten were for meme. I have a thorough understanding of ttt and damage logs. I would be honored to be able to help this server in anyway that I can.
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