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Found 3 results

  1. As we all know, sniper rifles are kinda ass on Pluto RN. These are a few suggestions to make sniper rifles actually viable. 1. The deagle is an extremely powerful pistol that can 1-shot anybody at any range which kinda makes snipers useless except for the scope. Reduce the range (or make damage falloff start sooner), so that it's about the same effectiveness as a regular Assault Rifle. 2. A sniper rifle (scout, hunting rifle, M24-S) are very low firerates with high damage, and should be treated as such. No matter how much health somebody has or armour, a sniper rifle should always 1 shot to the head. regardless of the situation. (SG550 and G3SG1 don't count) 3. Why use a Scout or M24-S or Hunting rifle when you can just 1-tap head with a Strength 1, Tox 1, SG550. Make it so that the Auto-Rifles cannot 1-tap head. I know a lot of you will complain like "nooo, don't reduce range on the deagle. I need it for my cross map 1-tap headshots." or something along those lines. But the best way to make sniper rifles actually viable and not a oversized deagle with a third the firerate would be to reduce the effectiveness of the deagle. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  2. I had a New idea for a gun, the mg-42. Since there is only one Machine gun in Pluto TTT, I think this would be a good addition to the game. The way I believe the gun would work best is if it had good rpm and damage, preferably more then the huge, and around 50 mag. But the downside to the gun would be increased recoil the longer you shoot it, and a long reload time. Of course these are only tips on how I think the gun would work well, you could do what you want with it if you add it. Below is a link to a workshop mod that you could get the model from, a mg-42 mod, and the gun IRL. Link to model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=784709408 Link to mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382151000
  3. After the forums reset, i have collected my previous suggestions threads into one one large instead. (Some map links are broken, will be fixed at a later date) Maps Small (Best for 2-16 Players) ttt_zanzibar LINK ttt_winterplant_v4 LINK ttt_trinity_church LINK ttt_palace_v1 LINK ttt_basalt LINK ttt_refuge LINK ttt_production LINK Medium (Best for 8-20 players) ttt_tinytown LINK ttt_sideways_city_a4 LINK ttt_kassle_v20 LINK ttt_city_center LINK ttt_busystreet LINK ttt_lookatthatview LINK ttt_productiontown LINK ttt_terminus_v1 LINK ttt_westwood_v4 LINK ttt_trainstation_a5 LINK Large (Best for 16-24 players) ttt_untextured_b3_fix LINK ttt_officeblocks_v3 LINK ttt_digital LINK ttt_mystery_canyon LINK ttt_bb_suburbia_b3 LINK ttt_fg_sexy_render_v6a LINK ttt_goldenplinxprison_v3 LINK ttt_rooftops_lost LINK ttt_shattered_island LINK Guns Unique(s) Kraber LINK Balrog-1 LINK Balrog-3 LINK L├╝ger Master LINK Crow-1 LINK Rail Cannon LINK Falcon-2 LINK Compound Bow LINK Crossbow LINK Flintlock LINK Throwing Knives LINK Skull-8 LINK Pistol(s) Tac-45 LINK Mateba Unica-6 LINK Ruger LINK Luger LINK Welrod LINK MR96 LINK Fommer Stop LINK C-96 LINK Nambu type 14 LINK Pistolet Ruby LINK CZ75 SP01 LINK OTs-33 LINK Makarov PM LINK SW39 LINK Tariq LINK Rifle(s) Type 100 LINK EDGE LINK FN FAL LINK HK416C LINK C7E LINK R5 LINK AEK-971 LINK G2 Rifle LINK Sniper rifle(s) Hunting Rifle LINK Karabiner 98K LINK Remington MSR LINK M40A5 LINK Mosin Nagant LINK M24 LINK SVD LINK Bolt action rifle(s) Mauser 1886 LINK Type 99 LINK Lebel Rifle 1886 LINK SMG(s) Spectre M4 LINK Sten Gun LINK VC61 Scorpion LINK MP40 LINK Vector LINK UZI LINK Howa Type 64 LINK Shotgun(s) Fort-500 LINK M870 LINK Stevens 620 LINK DMR(s) SKS LINK G43 LINK HK417 LINK SCAR-H SSR LINK Longbow DMR Sniper LINK LMG(s) RPK-74M LINK M60 LINK Melees Blade(s) Xian Dagger LINK Star wars Vibrosword LINK Fury's Song LINK Sword Cane LINK Sword LINK Roman Sword LINK Longsword LINK Katana LINK Insurgency Knives LINK Apocalyptic Machete LINK Morrowind Tantos and Katanas LINK Morrowind Short Swords LINK Morrowind Long Swords LINK Morrowind Broadswords and Sabers LINK Ebony Blade LINK Dragon Blade LINK Blunt Thunderhammer LINK Pipe Wrench LINK Pick Axe LINK Siege Hammer LINK Police Baton LINK Morrowind staves LINK Morrowind Maces and Clubs LINK Morrowind Hammers and Halberds LINK Axe(s) Axe LINK Halberd LINK Downrange Tomahawk LINK Combat Axe LINK Climbing Axe LINK Battleaxe LINK Other(s) Chainswords LINK No More Room in Hell Melees LINK Electric Crowbar LINK D/T Tools Position Swapper LINK Explosive Corpse LINK Prop Disguiser LINK Matyrdom LINK Mirrored Fate LINK Dead Ringer LINK Detective Cam LINK Deathgrip LINK
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