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Found 1 result

  1. Date of Occurrence: Friday October 16, 2020 Which map did this occur on: Multiple, recordings will show McDonalds and a cod map. Offender Name: Kaktus, Frank, Pri, Not A Random Person Offender SteamID: 76561198122923613, 76561198353323642, 76561198138438968, 76561198085244982, Respectively. Offender DiscordID: Kaktus#1337, Frank (340k)#6096, pri#9268, Not A Random Person#7391 Your Name: InvectisGaming Your DiscordID: InvectisGaming#6986 --PM me for the full recording unedited. Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible: I joined the server yesterday to try something new. I came across a small group that looked to be not only coordinating to farm quests but also sharing information over a third party VoIP, this left me confused as I had just joined a community fresh and was curious to see how far they'd go, so I followed them to the other server. I recorded my two hour session and have no issue sending the full unedited video to the reviewer, the edited out parts you will see below remove my voice, music and discord audio from friends who were not with me on this server. I also understand that metagaming was removed from what was allowed after these videos were recorded, however the information shared in round between dead-alive players and alive-alive players is inexcusable and by definition Ghosting. You will be able to notice coordination between this group of 4 lacking any text/voice in game, although with audio it is more evident. This is where the first video starts at McDonalds. Video 1: (1 > 0:00-1:25) Firstly, I'm met with toxicity but that's expected, I gave and I took. What's important off the start is the understanding of how the two hours are going to go. The traitor hunts me down first and then proceeds to farm quests with his friends. (2 > 1:40-2:00)For the next instance, you can notice inaction for the game mode between Frank and Pri, coordinating to allow Pri to kill me and continue with their quests. To my knowledge this does not follow the old "quest farming allowed" rule, this is Metagaming of the game mode, not quests. The next round, this same situation occurs with Frank and Kaktus. (3 > 4:20-5:35)The round following, I wanted to see what they would do when I got traitor. I was left in awe as they one by one started to kill each other to gain a reason to kill me and continue their quest farming. (4 > 6:00-8:15)Following this, Pri hunts me down using Kaktus' weapon and rejoins with his group of 4, giving Kaktus back the weapon he lent to kill me and using it to farm quests after. This is not metagaming of quests, but of the game mode with purpose to remove me and follow it with quests once again. I called them out in chat but obviously, they denied in voice. This will be shown on the full unedited version with audio to the reviewer. (5 > 8:30-9:20) Same round to follow, rinse and repeat of previous rounds, killing me first to proceed with quests. I again called them out for this, no response of value. Round following I didn't witness anything. (6 > 11:15-11:50) What an actual TTT round looks like, incase you've forgotten while watching (7 > 12:50-16:15) I ran the round with the intention to give them 0 reason to kill me and bait them into sharing information while dead/alive. Instead all players aside from one in their group kill binded within 5 seconds of eachother. Fair enough I'll do better next time. (8 > 17:00-17:25) Kaktus is KOS, no care from any of his group members as expected with it, just joining the group and farming quests. (9 > 17:50-20:13) Again I got traitor and my intention is to bait information sharing, by killing the group members in spots where they are not in direct vision. The round starts off with Frank suiciding in a bathroom, and this will be important later. Kaktus kills another innocent group member, and following this I meet up with Not a Random Person (NaRP from now on) to throw him into a test. I have no intention to do anything but follow him and pull as much information as I can. NaRP keeps distance, and is constantly ready to shoot once I give him a reason to. I make it as obvious as possible I have no intention of giving him a reason to kill me. 19:56, passes over bodies of two innocents without IDing. 20:04 same issue until doubling back to ID. This is where the importance of the bathroom Frank died inside of comes to play, instead of continuing his pattern of waiting for me to shoot and getting ready to react, he takes the closest route to the last *hidden* dead group member, Frank in the washroom. Once he finds another UnID he has reason to kill me. I ask the reviewer directly, what purpose sparked the change in playstyle? What was so important inside that bathroom that NaRP knew of that he decided crouching with his back turned to look inside bathroom was the best course of action? Lastly, is this behavior not akin to Ghosting? Video 2: (1 > 7:10-8:03) The first instance of this video shows no communication between Frank and Kaktus, yet proves VoIP usage which is important to Video 1's weight. Further solidifying this is Kaktus using in-game to voice to ask hex to help him complete a quest. Shown in unedited video. (2 > 13:15-13:30) Burning his group member with a grenade type entity, same bullshit different map. I don't feel the need to continue timestamping occurrences as one developer joined to witness a vast majority of these antics for the map, Meepen. Although the video is still available to provide clear examples during my play session. Confirmed Witness(es): @Meepen Evidence:(edit) Full video sent to reviewer and original videos taken down from report start Additional Information: The issue I want to present with this report, is the fact that while they may not act on all information given in Third Party VoIP there are slips from them in this report, and it is clearly evident they were sharing information about the round with it. I don't believe I'll be back but this stain of gameplay needs to be bleached out of your community. Again for the full play session with audio and no watermark from editor, please DM me or similar, thank you.
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