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Found 2 results

  1. So, I have a couple ideas still lying around on my google docs and thought I'd post them on here as well to see what you guys think and maybe get some good ideas for more. My idea was to have these as event currency or maybe as a quest reward to limit access. Red Cap Rerolls suffixes with higher chance for life extending modifiers (shield or healing). An important ingredient in many healing potions and ointments. Blue Dotted Pinhead Rerolls all modifiers with a higher chance for damage modifiers to occur. This mushroom is said to increase a warrior’s might and rage. Superior Mimic Only rerolls the tiers of the modifiers, is more likely to upgrade then downgrade. I think this was the wrong mushroom, it tastes blue but sounds like orange. Hornet’s Stinger Rerolls all modifiers with a higher chance for damage over time modifiers. It looks pointy enough to stab you but it is spongy and soft. Touching it will likely kill you though. Dissolving Devil Apply this to a crafted weapon to return one random shard used in the craft as well as a 10% chance to return one of the currency used. Will destroy the gun. Formed like a horn, it is filled with a sweet smelling liquid used to lure in and dissolve insects. Sometimes even mice or birds.
  2. ~~> Notice Before you say how stupid of an idea this is, or how broken something like this could be, let me dive deeper into how the item could work. ~~> The Idea A rare currency (a bit rarer than heart) that allows for modifiers to be transferred from one gun to another. ~~> How it Works After selecting the Modifier Transfer Tool, click two guns you would like to have the modifiers be swapped between. Then select if you would like to transfer prefixes or suffixes. ~~> Balancing Obviously an item such as this would most definitely need to be properly balanced. Which leads me to this: It may only be used on guns with the same number of modifiers. You could not transfer an Other-Worldly gun's modifiers over to a Shadowy gun, or vice-versa. This prevents people from just rolling low-tier weapons in order to transfer them to a 6+ modifier gun, or getting a low-tier gun with more modifiers than it should have. Special weapon stats, such as "This gun does not roll Damage Over Time Modifiers" would not be transferrable unless the other gun's modifiers are viable. Prefixes OR suffixes may be transferred between the two weapons, not both. Could be a choice or completely random. Prefix modifiers are modifiers such as Strength, Cycle, etc. Suffix modifiers begin with the word "of" and consist of DOTs, Crippling, etc. ~~> Notes Currency name is a W.I.P. Being a rare currency, a message would appear in chat upon spawning. Like the Coin, selecting the Modifier Transfer Tool would grant the player with a warning.
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