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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I've seen alot of people with issues on this so I decided to take initiative and make an in depth guide on how to have custom hit sounds. First off, you're going to need some files with audio. Meepens system take anything that has audio on it as far as I know so that means movs mp4s and wavs work as well. Once you have your two files (shown here above) open steam and find Garry's Mod. After you locate Garry's Mod you will want to right click and click properties. After that, navigate to Local Files and click BROWSE LOCAL FILES... It should take you to something that looks like this below, don't mind my crash reports. Once you are in your Garry's Mod folder find the folder "garrysmod" and open that. Now that you're in the garrysmod folder, find "sound", if you do not have the folder sound then create one yourself. Open that folder and then create another folder called tttrw. Take the files on your desktop shown above and drag them into the tttrw folder. Now, open Garry's Mod and click F1 and navigate to "Sound". Once you're in sound you'll see 3 places to type. "Where to put sounds" "Hitmarker" "Hitmarker (headshot)" Now, if you normally installed Garry's Mod on the SSD or HDD you should not have to touch the "Where to put sounds" text box. If you are like me and hold most of your games on another drive then you will need to manually type out/copy the directory like so. Now that that is taken care of and you put your sounds in the tttrw folder you're almost done. Take the names and the file extension of your sounds and put it in like this If you did everything correctly, it should play these sounds next time you hit someone or headshot someone. If I missed anything or you have further issues DM me on discord @ minty#4444 (Subject to change if my nitro runs out)
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