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  1. the uestions is, did u get the shard?
  2. So if event rounds are coming soon i have an idea for one of them, boss battles or fights. the way it would work is a random boss would spawn on the map like a giant meepen or a large screaming hound, it would have like 5k to 10k health or 20k and would have a gun to shoot at the players. the players would have to work together to kill it and depending on how much damage you dealt you would get a boosted amount of drops. like if you did 2k damage you would get 20 drop spawns. i dont know how hard this would be to implement but i thought it was a cool idea, also it would be a player as the boss, maybe it just enlargens them and if they win as the boss they would get maybe 50 drop spawns. every map would have a boss round if it was implemented also but if devs want to lessen or greaten the rarity of it its fine.
  3. imma vote on my own, Asuna and anyone giving her drops
  4. This is the official server poll for the community to decide which is the better couple, Meepen and ling, or Zero and lovey. to vote react to this post, react with a check for Meep and ling, react with a X for zero and love. POLL ENDS FRIDAY VOTE QUICK!!!!!! wait breaking news you can also clown to vote for Squigge and Kat!!
  5. (Player 1) Tells (player 2) about Raid shadow legends, in return (Player 2) tells (Player 1) about honey and how its basically free money.
  8. i am on a quest, negative 100 kharma, aid me on this, DOWNVOTE ME TO HELL.
  9. So i was thinking that we could add one more tier to the game, godly tier. basically what this is that it drops rarer than an OW. it would be white like the OW is pink and would have 7 mods with no boosts, the thing is there would only be one of the gun in existance. like only one godly MP5, one godly deagle and so on. you could decon teh gun for a shard but it would just make it a 7 mod shard and the gun that was deconed would be able to be dropped again, i dont know if this is a good idea or not but just a thought.
  10. adren boost, after a rightful kill your speed double for 10 secs
  11. Shadøw#8681 Plz gib shadowy much thank
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