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  1. This man got me banned for 12 hours, gets banned for cheating afterwards.


  2. [Unban Appeal] (Calen Burgess) Username: Calen pluto.gg DiscordID: calendb#8473 Which server did you get banned on: Virginia Which Staff Member banned you: Dog What was the reason for your ban: Cheating How long was the ban: Permanently Explain what happened/lead up to the ban: Well I was just playing GMOD, but I was experiencing some problems like my mouse randomly shooting when I got near to people, T buddies not appearing as T buddies, and well, my mouse not going where it was supposed to go. It was quite an odd experience, but I really couldn't put my finger on what was happening. After a while I started to notice I was getting way more kills than usual and my accuracy seemed to be on point, like Overwatch League on point. This is when I got banned. When I saw it said for cheating, I was really really confused at first. But after having it set in for a little while, it all started to make sense in my head. All those issues I were experiencing could be caused by an addon/hack. The only thing is, I didn't install one. So, I went to the prime suspect, my little brother, and asked him if he installed anything in my GMOD folder, because as much as I tell him he can't use my PC without permission and he can't play any online games on my account because that's account sharing, he still manages to sneak into my room when I'm in the bathroom or out of the house and does god knows what on my computer. At first he said no, but after pressing him he said he installed a hack to beat his friends in private GMOD tdm matches (which I find totally dumb, by the way). Anyways, when I found this out, my suspicions were confirmed, so I decided to do something about it so this doesn't happen in the future. I just set up a password for my PC so hopefully he can't get in anymore when I'm out of the house, and when I go to the bathroom I have to be extra careful my brother doesn't see me leave my room, but I gave him a stern talk so hopefully he learned his lesson. As for me, the lesson I've learned is be extra careful with my private property, and if I notice anything fishy going on in my game I will leave and do steams "check integrity of game files" or reinstall the game if necessary in case somehow with all my precautions my brother installs something stupid again. I'm not trying to shift the blame, I take full responsibility for my actions as I did use a hack on your server (even though it was unintentional) and I deserve punishment for that. I just hope it doesn't have to be a permaban, because I just started playing pluto and am really really enjoying it, thinking about making it my main server! Anyways thanks for reading my appeal and I hope you do what you feel is right but I also hope you can have a little mercy because everyone makes mistakes. Confirmed Witnesses: Dog
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