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  1. Weakness Exploit 1 ( suitable for boss/event rounds due to requirement for at least 4 bullets per stack which is a really high requirement in the normal ttt gameplay) Each bullet applies stacks to enemies and after 3-4 stacks, take increased damage from all damage sources by x%
  2. Sticky bomb I-V (idea from risk of rain 2) Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance for a bomb that detonates for x damage to attach to that enemy. The chance increases by x for a sticky bomb to be applied every stack accrued after the first. Silence I-V ( gay and broken because most of the suggestion suggest broken ones so why not ) Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance to silence 1 or x amount of mods randomly. Slower projectile Converts rpm to damage by percentage Elemental focus (meme) converts 100% of gun damage and only able to deal elemental (fire,,ice,thunder) dots to enemy Whack I-V ( no melee mods but please ) Melee has a x chance to strike twice Ice Nova I-V Whenever an attack hits an enemy, x chance to trigger a small chilling circle of ice that expands after x amount of hits -Support mods ( call me lazy but what if we introduce support mods that are like support gems in poe that boost mods by (damage/chance of proc/levels) Empower support Level 1-3 ( rare because its strong ) Once this reaches level 2 or above adds a level on other mods. And increases anything related with numbers on the supported mods by x% Elemental support Increases elemental dots x% damage Bleed support Deal x% more physical damage (gun base damage) to bleed enemies Poison support Deal x% more damage to poisoned enemies
  3. haha -7 the lowest reputation

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      Well I'm gay and -7×-1 is 7 checkmate

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