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  1. fosso (Rule Abiding Gamer)#0269 gaythan
  2. Roy is already on server. I have a ttt_orange_v7 navmesh already ready for next map push, was planning to add to this last one but forgot. Not the biggest fan of kakariko, will probably get added but if I remember correctly there are different versions of the same map you spawn on so that might get fucky with currency spawns, not sure though. I absolutely despise that terraria map but will probably get added too.
  3. And this man is staff...
  4. @Eppen Not the toysoldiers you’re thinking of. Unless we find some major issues with the maps I can basically guarantee they will be added next time map pool gets new maps.
  5. Luckily, by saying you prefer paladins you have now guaranteed that Meepen will never add it, thank you for your service.
  6. 4 and 6 have too weird proportions, 3 is questionable, Moxxi might be too short without having checked it out in game.
  7. @fosso (Rule Abiding Gamer)#0269 ur still gay
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