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  1. vending_turtle I couldn't find it without searchbar so here's a link to be safe https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=172301587 Hat
  2. Half Life 2 "Classic_torso" As backpack/belt thingy.
  3. w_tfa_arrow from TFA Base [reduxed] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=415143062&searchtext=tfa+base Through the head/as hat.
  4. Bowser's shell https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=809753431 Around the body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. As it is right now, the AK may still be the strongest gun on paper but in reality it is mostly useless. Any SMG beats it at ANY RANGE. The massive recoil coupled with the spray pattern make it impossible to control. Basically the only guns worth playing (if you wanna "win") are SMGs/fast firing guns. M4 Carbine is broken as hell, no recoil, barely any spread, incredible fire rate. Same as the G36, the R301, the Charger and the TAK47. Even the Huge, sorta. "BuT tHe Ak Is StIlL tHe HiGhEsT dPs GuN oN tHe SeRvEr StOp CoMpLaInInG aNd GeT rEcOiL aNd SpReAd On It" I have just over 17% recoil reduction on it and shooting 3 shots in a row can miss 2 shots at a single step distance. Given, I don't have Spread on it but when you spectate AK players, your screen will spasm because the crosshair stays centered and the recoil/spray pattern is bonkers. Lower the damage, lower the RPM, just please, get rid of the spray pattern.
  6. Weapon Name: Big Glock Weapon Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1750939381 Weapon Special Trait: It has massive recoil and pushes the player back with each shot. Can be used to increase jump hight or speed up. Weapon Name: Megalogun Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: It fires many weak pellets. Each hit applies a "bleeding" that stays on for a few seconds. If a certain number of bleedings were applied, the gun goes into blood frenzy and shoots a single bullet with massive damage. The effect runs out after some time, getting kills extends it by a few seconds. Weapon Name: Launchpad/Aircraft Carrier Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Right-click to scope in. Aquires a target by staying scoped on a player (or close enough) for 2 seconds. Shots will fly slowly and hunt the player. Unscoped it is just a DMR. ALT: Shotgun with horizontal spread only. Right-click returns shots to the magazine, causing damage if a player was hit. Has a cooldown or requires kills to use. Weapon Name: Power drill Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Melee. Right-click performs a dash forward, damaging players in the way. Weapon Name: The Eternal Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Fully automatic. Right-click switches to fuller-automatic, increasing RPM and lowering recoil and damage. 50/75 round drum magazine. Weapon Name: PEWpew Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Makes a laser pew shot sound. Kills decrease the recoil until the end of the round. Getting 2 kills unlocks the second barrel, increasing damage by 50% but doubling (base) recoil. Weapon Name: The Liquifier Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Fires a stream of acid. Deals no damage itself, applies stacking acid dot that does 1 damage per second (in 10 ticks if possible) for 5 seconds. Weapon Name: The Big Bang Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Shoots a single, high damage bullet that 1taps head and deals 80 body damage. A player hit in the body is ragdolled for 3 seconds. A player shot in a limb is crippled for 30 seconds. Reload takes ages. Weapon Name:The Godfather Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: A deal you can't refuse. Right-click utilizes your charisma to make the enemy unable to shoot for a short moment. Weapon Name: Tesla's revenge Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Short range. Fires lightnings that slow the enemy and make him spasm (moving the crosshair around every now and then). Reloads while not fired (like mystical reserves). Weapon Name: Vampire's Bane Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: 3 round magazine. Hitting a player stops them from regenerating any health for 5 seconds. Right-click fires all 3 shots at the same time but with heavily reduced accuracy. Weapon Name: Heal gun Weapon Model: Weapon Special Trait: Left-click fires rounds, right-click heals. (It could either heal other players or it could just heal the player himself). Healing is slow and consumes 1 ammo per hp healed, shots consume 10 ammo. Has 100 ammo.
  7. Right, it's a TERRORIST town The police would be the traitors. I think having specific roles might encurage players to do actual role playing. But as lime already said, there are several roles in planning, some are already in and some of those actually had effects in earlier updates, like gaining shield for kills. It won't be town specific roles but I hope you can live with it.
  8. Admin+(s) who recommended you (if applicable): Meepen, Sniperz(before retiring) State why you believe you are able to take on this new role (at least 100 words): I've been here for quite a while now and know the game, the rules and the community quite well. I'm a generally cool-headed person and feel ready to accept more responsibilities in the community. With Sniperz retiring there's a hole to fill and I hope and believe I am ready to fill it and with UI2 now out I know a lot of work lies ahead. I wish to help as much as I can to see this server become the best it can be, as well as the community. Tomorrow is my last exam this semester so I will be ready to go full power after. Love you all
  10. The m14 can 2tap head quite easily and has higherhead dps (theoretically). The stg has higher body dps and requires less skill though.
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