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  1. Add holiday bosses that drop this stuff as well
  2. This isn't facebook you cuntbag You have been executed by the Toxic Gang.
  3. Just that. People have been asking for new weapons such as a secondary shotgun and I heard the Famas was already in planning, though that is just a rumor.
  4. The Deagle will still be a long range weapon so a slow deploy time won't be a real nerf. Lower RPM could be done but then again, it already has the lowest. The Deagle is used a lot, true, but so is the TMP and the Tec-9. Ignoring the Pistol and maybe the P228, the secondaries are pretty balanced. The reason you see more people use the Deagle is that people who have played for a while generally prefer it for its 1tap headshot and for providing long range capability for people using close to mid range primaries. However, Deagles don't actually seem to "opress" snipers as primary. Snipers aren't very popular because they require more skill and little close and mid range capability and don't have the ability to take down group of players in short time. If you compare this to an AK which can fire relatively fast, has rather high body damage and can be made into a 3-4 bodyshot kill, can kill easily on short to mid range and is still usable on long range. On top of that, not all maps will give you good conditions for snipers such as large, open areas.
  5. The Deagle is technically the weakest secondary there is, on par with the Pistol. It has the highest HS DMG and range and lowest spread but in return the lowest RPM by far, the highest recoil by far, lowest zoom, highest time to and from ironsights. The one reason people play it really is that it is a pocket sniper with its range and 1tap potential. Otherwise, as in "if you don't have good aim to hit headshots", it is basically a mid- to low-tier secondary.
  6. I like this leveling system without any stat changes to the gun. Though it would be nice if instead of (MAX) at max level, something like a special title was added to the gun, like Eppen's Coined Deagle of Reaping or whatever. Maybe based on the mods on it.
  7. Magical Droplet - Removes all modifiers and rolls new ones. Reflective Die - Randomizes all percentages on modifiers. Yaari's Taking - Removes a random modifier and increases the tier of another. Box - Contains a model or a Demon's Promise/Soulseeker (info on wiki). Arizor's Tome - Corrupts an item randomly. Weapons that are corrupted can no longer be modified. Corruptions: reroll modifiers, change weapon type, reroll the rarity, add 1-2 modifiers, or do nothing at all. Mara's Heart - Adds a random modifier. Coin - Adds a page to the player's inventory. Mara's Mirror - Creates an unmodifiable, duplicate item. Currently not usable. Present - Contains a 2019 holiday item. No longer obtainable. Currency sorted by rarity
  8. What I find annoying with crafting is that you rarely if ever get something worth what you invested. Say you want to craft a 6mod coined. A coin is about 3.5k drops, an OW shard is 3.5k, a confused shard is 1.2k and a shadowy or mystical is about 1.4k. So making a coined weapon costs about 9.6k, taking into account that using a mystical/shadowy shard gives you a 1/3 chance to get a 5 mod, a 1/6 chance for the confused effect to apply and the chance for it to be coined is 1/2 or lower, that you'll have to spend around 1k for good rolls (rerolling mods, hearting, handing, possibly (read: usually) removing an improtant mod having to start over and using dies to reroll the mod stats) and that every player usually has about 4 guns they actually like, crafting technically isn't worth it. People generally won't spend that amount when the outcome is so uncertain. Not only that, but there is guns that are not very good and mean that you basically wasted your money (pistol, ppsh, usas for example). Now, I do understand that coined guns should not only be valued by the price you can sell them for but in the end, that is what it comes down to. I am sure this will change with the announced crafting update though and I am looking forward to it.
  9. Gentle reminder that I still have 3 keys left
  10. (Player 1) made a typo and got fisted by Ling.
  11. Bruh, locking is done since monday, Meepen is only checking the code before pushing it.
  12. Username: ✪ Todd the Turtle Terrorist SteamID: STEAM_0:1:99159671 DiscordID: zeBaconcake#7838 How old are you?: 23 Do you have a microphone?: Of course How long have you been playing TTT?: Since I was 14 or something with LONG breaks How long have you been playing on Pluto?: Pretty much since the servers went online. Any past staffing experience in Garry's Mod or other games?: Yes If the above is applicable, what was the duration of active staffing?: I started as ttt mod in a community called Pear Gaming, I worked up through the ranks to global admin (meaning I was admin in all game modes we had servers for). I was part of the staff team for a couple years, it was a long time ago though. After that I was admin on a relatively new ttt server for about a month until the owner went MIA and the server disappeared. In exactly 100 words, explain why you would make a good fit for our staff team: I am a helpful person, I am mature and can handle any situation, I always double check to make sure I deal the right judgement. I have a bunch of experience and even though it has been quite some time, I still know the minutes for 1, 2 and 7 day bans by heart (ask Sniperz). I have a lot of experience playing gmod in general, combined with my old account I am close to or over 3k hours playtime. Most importantly: I love this server and the community and want to do my part helping and improving it.
  13. Full Autism Wizbear screaming at the top of his lungs and occasionally bursting out into laughter, his sound indicating the phase he is in. While screaming, he takes double damage and deals double damage and attacks whoever is closest to him when he enters this mode until someone crosses a certain damage threshold, when he is laughing he attacks random targets and occasionally his weapon fires like a shotgun, multiple bullets per shot but with big spread but with his original range.
  14. I am giving away stuff and explaining the inv and craft system all the time, not that I mind but this would help KEEP new players. Also, ther should be a note that you have to HOLD c for the traitor shop.
  15. When first joining Pluto, give players a starter pack consisting of 100 droplets, hands and dies. Maybe a heart and/or a box as well. On top of that, 3 shards for the first craft to get their first weapon as a startup. Since dailies are coming soon ™, this starter pack could be integrated in a tutorial. “Press F1 to open options” Reward: 100 takings. “Press I to open inventory” Reward: 10 droplets, 3 common shards. “Go to trading, place the shards in the squares and add 10 droplets to craft your very first gun! Reward: 100 droplets. “Use droplets to reroll a weapon. To use any currency on a weapon, left click it and then left click the weapon. You can use a currency repeatedly if you hold shift while doing so.” Reward: 50 dies. Etc. You get them all in an order and every time you go to the quest area, you get a detailed tutorial on how it functions and how to use it, if necessary. There should also be a short explanation on trading, ended by a warning to ask about prices in discord until you get a feel for the economy.
  16. (Player 1) uses Cock and Ball Torture. (player 2) is hit! It is very effective!
  17. On server, type list_weapon_info, it will give you a list of all weapons (except uniques) with all those stats.
  18. Welcome to the Retard Show Extraordinary. I welcome you, see and be amazed! I bring you a custom, 90% stolen form google images, currency material pack. The Coin: For maximum visibility The Mirror: Because I am insecure about my looks The present: Because I am an edgy boy. The heart: Because I like meat. Man meat, Steak, Schnitzel, Man meat, Weeners. Yari's Taking: Because it is worthless and always removes the mod you want on there the most. The Dice: I didn't change it because I couldn't think of anything :pepega: The Magic Droplet: The most magical droplet off them all. The russian one. The Tome: Finally we know why Fosso is collecting these. Why yes, it IS the german edition! Good eye! The Box: Let's be honest, that's what it is. Since I can't link any zip files here, hit me up on discord if you want the pack as a 7z with a trojan and a bitcoin miner instructions on how to 'install' it.
  19. To explain why I think a Pistol buff is necessary, I'll compare the Pistol to its closest relative in the secondaries, the P228. Pistol (weapon_ttt_pistol): P228 (weapon_ttt_p228): DMG: 23.00 * 1 DMG: 22.00 * 1 RPM: 120 RPM: 240 RCL: 1.50 RCL: 1.30 CLP: 16 CLP: 12 SPR: Vector(0.02, 0.02) SPR: Vector(0.02, 0.02) RLD: 1.00 RLD: 1.00 DPL: 1.66 DPL: 1.66 BULLETINFO MINRNG: 600.00 MINRNG: 400.00 MAXRNG: 2500.00 MAXRNG: 2500.00 HULLSZE: 0.00 HULLSZE: 0.00 MINPCT: 0.10 MINPCT: 0.10 IRONSIGHTS TIMETO: 0.20 TIMETO: 0.10 TIMEFM: 0.15 TIMEFM: 0.15 SLOWDN: 0.35 SLOWDN: 0.70 ZOOMIE: 0.75 ZOOMIE: 0.85 Head DMG: 46 DMG: 35 DPS: 92.0 DPS: 140.8 Generic, Chest, Right Arm, Left Arm, Gear, Stomach, Right Leg, Left Leg DMG: 23 DMG: 22 DPS: 46.0 DPS: 88.0 As you can see, the main difference between the two guns is the RPM. The P228 has about double the firerate the Pistol has but the damage difference is 1. Sure, the Pistol has a higher hs multiplier but that doesn't make up for the RPM as you see with the DPS. Minor differences are the Pistols longer min range, better zoom with less slowdown and bigger clip while the P228 instead has less recoil and a faster switch to ironsights. Since, apart from the RPM, the guns are almost equal, I suggest the following: By increasing the Pistol's damage by at least 2, it would be a 2 hs kill with its headshot damage multiplier of 2. The P22 has twice the Pistol's RPM and while it has 11 lower damage, at 35 dmg it is a 3 hs kill. With the Pistol buff, they'd be able to do a kill with headshots in the same time (the pistol with 2 shots and the P228 with 3 shots, the third shot of the p228 is at the same time as the second pistol shot). For body damage, the buffed Pistol would need 1.5 seconds for bodyshot only kills. The P228 as it is needs just about 1 second since the fifth (and kill) shot would be right at the end of one second. If Pistol damage was buffed to 34 it would still need 2 hs for a kill but only 3 body shots for a kill, cutting the time a kill with that takes to just about 1 seond as well, making he Pistol and P228 about equal. The Pistol would now do more body damage then the Deagle but the Deagle keeps its superiority as a skill based weapon/pocket sniper with its high range and single headshot kill.
  20. (Player 1) disliked YaBoiNathan's giveaway video.
  21. (Player 2) scammed (Player 1) and got reported, their inventory was wiped.
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