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  1. The m14 can 2tap head quite easily and has higherhead dps (theoretically). The stg has higher body dps and requires less skill though.
  2. Bruh, do you even do finger lifts? Though one thing is annoyingabout the m14, if you click too fast, it goes into a cooldown which is absolute cancer. The needs to be changed.
  3. Agree with Lime, the nuketown map is pure eye cancer. The mc version is good though. Getting out of the map is fixable but that would require some extra work. Grovestreet heli only crashes the server if there are props on it, right? So that would be exploiting anyways.
  4. Perfect str roll is nice, only bleed and it is a mid roll. Also almost 10% dmg reduction from leech. 40 base hs +str 46 -leech 41.446 -bleed reduction 29.9655 When you say it does 31 hs dmg then you mean it has 31 initial damage you forehead, after that the dot kicks in. In reality, without the leech, the gun would already be a 2tap head most likely. If it has cycle 1 and marksmanship 1, maybe. Dps wise, the m14 is superior. It has 360 rpm, compared to the g3's 150 rpm. More then double the rpm. The g3 has the damage advantage but only has double the body damage and 1.5x the hs damage. Which means that you can kill more people in the same time with the m14, in theory. The tradeoff is, the m14 can't 1tap head unless you have demonic maybe.
  5. Show gun or get bent. I'd be in favor of making the m14 have higher impact with lower max rpm but the point still stands that if you have a decently rolled m14 it is a beast. Wasy to make 2tap head and probably 3tap body. At max RPM that is a buttload of damage.
  6. That would also be nice, this way it wouldn't be only useful to innos but also t because the t could hit a crowd easier.
  7. I like the idea but the question is wether it is gonne be useful at all. Few guns can deal that many hits without killing and since max hp is reduced, healing won't do them much good anyways. Might be good against Ts but the constellation is more or less useless for Ts. And without a heath station, the healing reduction would only increase this imbalance. Would definitely be worth trying though, Mortal Wound is really not very useful as it is rn, especially when the ttk is so low anyways.
  8. Was that the smallest text size? I think you can make that smaller
  9. Tox roll is ass, no bleed, no marksmanship and leech takes off 12% off the damage. Base body damage: 20 + Strength: 22,98 + Toxic: 27,72831144 Base head damage: 40 + Strength: 45,96 + Toxic: 50,70831144 Without leech, this would 2tap head already. Now imagine having marksmanship and bleed on there. And good rolls Only thing I hate is that the gun doesn't max out when you click faster then it can shoot but instead sets you on cooldown.
  10. Since people banned for hacking won't be unbanned (if the ban is rightful), they won't be needing their inventory anymore. And I guess it isn't deleted so it is taking up space, even if not much. (I did a quick check of the ban list and there is close to 200 cheating/hacking bans on there already.) So, after a reasonable amount of time to appeal in case the banned person believes they were ban was unjustified, let's say a month, their inventory will become part of the lottery. Once a month or however often, a few hackers' inventories are then selected and given out to people who reacted to the discord bot message or something.
  11. Being a new player on an inventory server sucks ass. Everyone has strong guns and you start with floor guns. So I thought it would be really nice if you could donate weapons that you don't use anymore or things like hearted commons that you get from quests, rolled a bit til they have good mods. Maybe even models. All this donated stuff lands in a pool and when a new player joins and accepts the rules and/or joins the steam group/discord, they'd get (if available) a primary or secondary, a grenade and a model, at random.
  12. Basically, this would be a high end tweaking item for weapons. You could obtain them as a rare drops from eggs/boxes/end round drop, with an effect already on it. You could reroll the percentage with stardust (for 100 or so each roll). It would be used to replace an already active node in the middle constellation. This new node would have to be (re-)activated with double the exp of a normal node.
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