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  1. I thought it would be nice to have a thread here and maybe even a discord channel where people can exchange or give away game keys they have lying around. I'll start by giving away 10 random steam keys to the first people dming me on discord.
  2. Russian Roulette boring mode: (16.7-20)% chance for damage to be increased by (up to) 60%, (16.7-20)% chance for damage to be decreased by (up to) 60%. Meme mode: (16.7-20)% chance for damage to be doubled, (16.7-20)% chance to deal no damage. Full meme mode: (16.7-20)% chance to deal (200-300)% damage, (16.7-20)% chance to hit yourself (always bodyshot). Fuller meme mode: (16.7-20)% chance to kill instantly, (16.7-20)% chance to kill yourself Instead of chances, it could simply be one round each randomly placed in the magazin and reloading resets it (putting both bullets back into random spots in magazin).
  3. Lancer Ballance Lancer needs a buff and should be added to list_weapons_info Mailbox A bigger mail box would be nice imo, like one extra row maybe VIP/Donation items If donations are added, I think donators shouldn't get items or weapons that give them an adventage over other players. However, something like a currency drop rate boost or gun drop rate boost that affects the whole server could be a possible item you get for donations Edit post Bring back the edit function on the forums so I can add the new suggestions into the original post Spectator kick Auto kick spectators after a set time if the server is full Low Gravity Maps/Rounds Either random rounds where people are asked if they wan't to play a low gravity round and if more then half accept, the next round is low gravity or alternative maps where the gravity is always low, like a low gravity dolls
  4. I am lazy so I only use one variable but every time I use x is stands for a different number. Meth. Freeze Stacks freezing. Freezing will be removed after x seconds of not hitting the target. Every 3 stacks of freezing will slow the person by x%, every 5 stacks will increase the damage taken by x% Shocking x% Chance for bullets to become shocking. Enemies shocked will have a 10% chance to not fire a round Adrenalin Every consecutive hit increases the RPM of your weapon by x% Yeet X% chance for a bullet to have x times the amount of knock back, 1% chance for knocking the gun from your hand when shooting Penetrating rounds Bluiets have a 50% chance to penetrate a target and possibly hit people behind. On armor: 50% chance to ignore armor. High Cal. increases kick by x%, increases damage and knock back by x%. Explosive rounds players within x range of the person hit will take x% of the damage taken (does not apply dots, only initial damage counts) Ballon X% chance to make hit person lighter, causing their jumps to be higher and their movement speed to become lower. Increases your own jump height by x%. Marker Has a x% chance to mark a player when hit, highlighting him to your team and increasing damage taken by x% for 3 seconds. Health shot Reduces weapon damage by X%. This mod converts the damage the weapon deals into healing. Sticky load Has x% chance to convert a bullet into a sticky explosive that will deal 25% damage on hit but deal 100% damage in x radius after 3 seconds. The Flash Weapon damage is reduced by x%. RPM is multiplied by x. Slugger Shotguns only. Reduces rpm. Increases kick. Precision becomes 100%. Range is increased drastically. It’s basically a sniper. The Hornet x% chance for bullets to have a slight homing effect. Panic Button If your HP is under x%, your rpm is increased by x%. Judgement Has x% (very low, max 1%) chance to kill a person on hit if they damaged you first. Curse Takes x% damage and applies it as dot. The modifier is between x-x and is applied randomly. Crafting Once rolled, this modifier cannot be removed with takings or rerolled by droplets. As long as this modifier is on your Weapon, you can lock modifiers and prevent them from being removed. Crafting (Alternative) Once rolled, this modifier cannot be removed with takings or by rerolling with droplets. You can remove this modifier by sacrificing x experience. When removing this modifier, select one modifier to replace it (of a list of 5 or so) Blessing Killing a player rightfully will for x seconds boost your movement speed, as well as control and precision of your gun
  5. It works. If you play an MP5 and just spray people down at point blank, its useless for you. If you fire from a bit more range and with something slower like an AK or a sniper, it is nice since the target won't get away as fast.
  6. New Currency Item idea A currency item as rare as a heart or coin that upgrades a random mod on your weapon. Inventory management Make it that you can actually move the inventory pages around. Inventory Filter Add a filter that automatically decons weapons based on rarity (maybe in combination with weapon, so you can set it to decon all weapons under rarity x except for gun x with min rarity x).
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180601311
  8. There isn't one atm. Just report the post, explain what happened and someone will remove it.
  9. Would be cool if it also told you the number of signals/drops still on the map.
  10. #NoFuckYou There can be a Dark and Dark Purple them
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