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  1. Suggested name: Ginger bread trooper Workshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1933651434 Image(s): Maybe as an addition to Eppens christmas troopers?
  2. Suggested name: Mr. Fish Workshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124162421 Image(s):
  3. Suggested Name: Jolly Jack Workshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180601311 Images:
  4. Originally it doubled (or tripled?) all drops for all coined guns, which was kinda broken. THEN it was nerfed to 50% and people were complaining a lot, particularly when some quests could drop coined 3-4mod guns which were as effective as 6mod coined guns for drop increase. Then it was changed to % per mod to nerf the low mod coineds and buff the high mod coineds. But then the tomed craft came and broke everything again.
  5. I mostly agree with this but nerfing the actual coined craft as well would be bad, it already has a shit cost-benefit ratio. On top of that, extra mods giving extra % still makes the tomed craft the superior coined craft. I also agree that people will be more likely to use non-coined guns but I believe those that have made or bought coined or coined tomed guns for a considerable chunk of drops will be incredibly frustrated. 6+ times coined weapons could be considered endgame gear and they shouldn't be nerfed to shit imo.
  6. Autodismantle: Absolutely agree, though a system based on rarity would be better then one based on mod count since inevitables can be very useful. Saved Loadouts: Shouldn't become too many, two or three should be fine, more then that will become problematic in many ways. Better dismantle: Also absolutely agree, also warnings should have the option of disabling them. Shards Improvement: Another good thing, though I am pretty sure it was suggested already. Melee Mods: Should already be in planning/being worked on since melees with mod slots came out a while ago. "Intuitive Trading tab": If I understand you right, if you are in an active trade and remove an item from said trade, you need to switch tabs and come back for it to be out of the trade? If that is the case, that is not supposed to happen and if verifying game file integrity doesn't fix it, you might want to try asking in #developer-to-me if there is any fix. In general, the trade is working. That is the most important part. It might not be perfect yet but there is no functionality problems, just blemishes (which will be worked out at some point but have no priority imo)
  7. Also has been suggested, multiple times if I remember correctly xD
  8. The first thing has also been suggested before as well as the third, not sure if before or after the wipe... Anyways, I'd also really like the 3. suggestion because it would significantly lower the chance for players missing high(er) rarity drops and them getting pushed out by garbage.
  9. zeBaconcake#7838 Best moment ever was when I crafted my first coined 6mod and it turned into the shotgun that caused shotguns to get nerfed HARD. R.I.P. Cancer cannon
  10. I mean, the Discord channel tells you it is already on the agenda. But the priority of it is most likely (or should be imo) somewhere close to 0 since it does nothing to improve the quality of gameplay and doesn't really add new content either.
  11. YoU cAn JuSt SwItCh ThE wEaPoNs On BoTh LoAdOuTs To SuIt YoUr NeEdS.
  12. Role-based Loadout Certain weapons are made for certain tasks. The best example would be the Soul Seeker, which speeds up on kill and is thus stronk on a T and poop on a D/Inno. Thus, having two loadouts, one of which gets applied at the start of the round based on your role might be really nice and also a unique feature for the server. Quick Switch Loadout A more radical and less likely to be used idea would be to have two loadouts that you can freely switch between during the round. This could make the game play more dynamic but also possibly a lot more chaotik. Another downside is that, as it stands, the server is already basically a tdm server heavily based on gun play and very little on sneaking, deception and laying traps. IMO this would only increase with this style of multiple loadouts. As always, if you have comments or suggestions https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17xzSeyJmmpkH9mTt1Ia4u-TYCKKqXzRqIFcdZeRbrQs/edit?usp=sharing
  13. TFA Counter-Strike: Online / Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombie SWEPs [Part 1] "w_duck_musket"
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