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  1. Situation resolved itself without needing any intervention, if any of you involved have questions feel free to DM me on discord with them. Closed & Archived
  2. Under Review I'd like to encourage all named witnesses to provide some further insight if possible. @Eppen @Speed @Phrot
  3. Just so long as you guys keep it to voice/private.
  4. As mentioned in the announcement on discord, here is essentially all the adjustments needed to fulfill Discord's partnered server guidelines: No more usage of "abusive" language, as it stands right now - anything goes as long as it isn't the hard R. This changes to NO "abusive" language at all, no faggot word, no cracker/kike/wop/gook/ect. words. Anything considered discriminatory, from jokes to hate speech - is no longer allowed. This includes: No attacks on an individual or group based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities. What this means is you can no longer joke about calling someone "tranny" or "autistic" as well as no more jokes about the status of people's countries or belittlement for being from a certain country or type of country, no "third worlder" jokes anymore. No advocating for or encouraging any of the types of behavior above, if you are trying to coerce or antagonize someone into carrying out any of the above offenses - you will be punished. If they cave in and do it, you both are punished. Conversations about adult topics are still allowed. Posting explicit pornographic material is still not allowed. However, this now includes borderline images/gifs/videos featuring questionable acts/other material, as well as textual NSFW material meant to be consumed as pornographic in nature; like greentexts or stories featuring a focus on sexual acts or behavior. If you have questions about clarifications, or opinions; pls feel free to comment them on this post!!!
  5. Kaktus showed me a video of you turning around and mowing him down unprovoked, this on top of another player's evidence against you from an earlier incident. When I asked you about this in order to get a clearer picture, your only reply to me was "Yeah my friend says shut the fuck up." I even asked you simple questions to begin with, you agreed that you understood the rules and that you understood the basics of TTT - and then answered my question pertaining to the evidence with the above statement. Ban Upheld
  6. Høund

    houmd apport

    call him a faggot back and be even
  7. Høund

    houmd apport

    obese child
  8. Suggested name: Samuel Hayden Workshop / Download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1980549431&searchtext=samuel+hayden Image(s):
  9. While the forums are nice because you can get your thoughts more clearly seen, they are not the best place for this kind of thing since its more of a back corner rather than something more upfront. Really all the forums are for is moderation flow and some smaller things.
  10. The only thing I see wrong with abc's behavior is his outburst in the discord and the traitor bait in one of the videos above when he thought you were AFK. I can understand things can get heated sometimes in videogames, however TTT isn't as big of a competition gamemode as some people can make it out to be. Both of you claim this stuff happened over a period of a few hours which is pretty much one play session for most people. We classify grounds for harassment as someone going out of their way to intentionally irritate/target someone to get a rise or a reaction out of them. Abc's behavior in this report would not qualify as harassment or bullying, it is just simply frustration over a short period of time. If he went into your DMs or persistently contacted you in other forms just to continue to insult and confront you; that is harassment. Furthermore, saying "hang yourself" or "kill yourself" is not really a big deal given the above context, it's just the same as saying "fuck you" to someone on the opposite team in a videogame. People say stuff like that all the time to each other, what makes it not okay is when it is used in excess and constantly to the same person - if you are constantly messaging someone telling them to kill themselves in an unrelenting fashion; that is harassment, that is bullying, that will get you in trouble. Moving on to the discord interaction, both sides are in the wrong here. The conversation should not have gone on for as long as it did, much like the interaction in-game. There are plenty of tools in place to cut off communication coming from someone on pretty much every means to do so. You could have blocked his chatter in-game from reaching you and offer no responses to whatever he was saying, Abc could have simply just got off when he started getting frustrated. I think it would be in both of your guys' interests to block each other through every means possible and be more aware of the state of your emotions and where they go when you are playing games, this will prevent future outbursts and overreactions. Lastly, I will again say that both of you should block each other and avoid future interactions outside of the basic gameplay behind TTTRW. If either of you have any additional questions or comments you can DM me on discord at any time and I can elaborate on whatever is needed. I appreciate reports being made so that these situations can be brought to our attention and dealt with before they become even worse, I'm sorry you two had such a negative experience on the server. I can only suggest you guys work towards resolving your disputes in a more mature manner than threatening to make a report, making one, and then arguing about it on discord. Closed Side note: Currently, punishments are not up to the victim after a report is made (kept in-game). If someone breaks a rule or two, the punishments for those rules are what they will receive. If someone purposefully RDMs you, and you report them, and you keep it; they will be banned accordingly - not for less, not with a different punishment. Reports are not a tool for you to intimidate other people with, they are a serious forum for you to express your concern/knowledge of a broken rule/discomfort with other players that can result in punishment towards the reported individual - depending on what the report is for and what the individual is guilty of. I feel as though this needed some clarification since I've noticed people flaunting in-game and forum reports as a means to intimidate other players. If you report your friend and you keep the report (not by accident), they will be punished if guilty. Same if you report someone on the forums, you can't request a lesser punishment if they did something that warrants one.
  11. Houndmaster#3073
  12. Thank you for your report, this person will be banned. Closed
  13. Thank you for your report, this person will be banned. Closed
  14. Thank you for your report, this user will be temporarily banned. Closed
  15. From someone who has spent lots of time with Meepen working on balancing for these guns, as well as some time with Worthless, here is what I have to say about all of the guns. I've tested each of them, weighed other people's opinions, and most importantly; I've experienced both sides of each gun in-game.
  16. Lead Admin+(s) who recommended you (if applicable): Worthless, Meepen State why you believe you are able to take on this new role (at least 100 words): I believe I am able to take on this new role and set of responsibilities based on my performance as support staff so far. I've spent quite a lot of time helping establish the staff structure in the community - from drafting the first set of rules, making the forum templates, to being one of the few pre-staff moderators both in-game and on the discord. Given that I've been trusted with the responsibility before, I have no doubts that I remain capable if not even more capable of handling them even further. I also take great interest in helping the community as much as I can; a good and solid example of this is my work in the player complaints department, something I take great care with resolving in the best way possible for both parties involved. Lastly, I believe by taking on larger responsibilities; I can help in bigger and better ways. Ultimately my goal is to make sure everyone has a fun and fair time. I'd also like to ensure Pluto's longevity by helping the community remain happy and healthy as we all progress together. I truly believe we are on the cusp of establishing something that will prosper into continued greatness as time goes on and the community remains strong.
  17. It definitely takes away from traitor rounds when you want just a simple and clean stealth kill using your obtained skills to get a headshot from a distance. Someone cartoonishly bouncing around (thanks to gmod 13's shitty animations), sometimes using a broken model on top of it, can result in some frustration when you have to resort to spraying and fighting a 5 v 1 rather than taking a clean shot and slipping away, maybe dealing with 1 person who saw or a kos that people usually forget before the round is over. I definitely see Nathan's point, those of you responding that disagree with him but say nothing more than the fact that you disagree; kind of don't progress the conversation at all. As it stands right now, it's fairly easy to get kills as a traitor if you pretend you are in a deathmatch mode. I whip out my M4 and start slaying, depending on the lobby - I could do it just as much with my deagle; if it isn't full of the usual constant autohoppers. What gets kind of exasperating after a while is the inability to really exercise the intended stealth aspect of TTT, or at least some form of it. Instead of careful calculation and picking off stragglers, it's become spray and pray and use the accurate tools for the people who don't know how to auto-bhop well. As it stands, I would consider myself against autohop, I wouldn't mind if it was possible to be a bhop god on here, I just think giving everyone autohop makes it a bit annoying after a while - trying to go for a mostly clean t round and you have most people constantly bouncing to whatever destination they want. I would say 40% of people actually use it to bhop, the others simply use it to bounce to and from but predominantly it's used in gunfights. I'd prefer if gunfights depending more on skill and less on what broken model to use and what movement to spam (jump, crouch, ect). Lastly, if it gets removed, great. I'm sure it would entice more people to play, I've heard some good points from outside people who have tried to play here and were simply discouraged by the excess of bhoppers bouncing around. It's also kind of difficult for new players in general to have successful T rounds when you have FPS world champions bouncing around at high velocities waiting to 1 tap someone through their legs while backwards. I think at most, if something more entertaining is added that makes inno rounds less bleak and boring, autohop could be removed and people who actually know how to bhop can still do so - and people who just use autohop can either learn or move as intended. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. Cases like these can easily be solved by using the in-game mute/block features available to you, however if the person circumvents these measures in any way then it would become more of a serious issue. Reviewing the evidence you provided, I'll tell Officer to ignore you - and I would advise that you do the same to him. While I agree that Officer's comments pushed into unnecessary territory, I would have to say that you can easily avoid being put in such emotional turmoil if you'd go through the proper channels to avoid it (i.e. blocking/muting in-game). If you have any inquiries or issues with my verdict, feel free to contact me on discord. Closed & Archived
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