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  1. By request of Red/Steve, this complaint is closed. Steve, if you'd like some insight/advice in relation to this situation - feel free to DM me on discord at any time and I'll help you understand some things and perhaps help prevent you from feeling these ways in the future. Closed
  2. yo this shit cringe bruh
  3. Hound stinky

    1. Høund



    2. Banana boi

      Banana boi

      Hound stinky

  4. if we dont clown anime model suggestions then people will think the miku model wasnt a mistake

  5. kill nathan

  6. Todd recognizes his actions during this incident were heavily misguided. I should point out that just because someone has applied for staff before - does not mean they reflect the overall values and opinions of Pluto or operate with the same conduct and standards the staff are supposed to operate with when present in other communities, that being said; shame on Todd and the other individuals involved - figure out a better way to have fun with your friends on TTT that isn't at the expense of others. Closed & Archived
  7. Maybe no one noting the rest of it means it's well said enough to not need to change or add on to. I just feel the deagle info is misguided, the small % of us who use a deagle as our primary have since day 1 of pluto, and there aren't many other people who do so. It can seem like a really powerful gun in the right hands, in everyone else's hands it's just a high damage low rpm gun that is out-classed by the pistol's headshot damage + firerate (meaning someone who keeps missing a headshot with the deagle will quickly die to someone spamming them with a pistol).
  8. That's intentional by the mapmaker also this kind of thing can't just be "fixed"
  9. Jakey has received the agreed upon amount of 1k droplets without further incident. This will not count as first offense scamming due to the easily reached and peaceful resolution. Closed
  10. Situation was able to reach a resolution where Pepsi paid the amount agreed upon in the gamble, where it shows kirito winning the best of 3. Due to the fact that this resolution was not reached peacefully, this will count as first offense scamming. Closed
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