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  1. Based off of the feedback provided, I feel you should dedicate more time to adjusting your temper and outlook towards other people. It would also help you if you made sure you were completely familiar with the rules, you can consult an Administrator or myself for this information or any questions surrounding them and or pertaining to specific instances. I'd also advise you to put more care into your future staff applications when it comes to what you say, how thoroughly and truthfully you fill them out, and the level of grammar you use. I'm not looking for a college essay, I'm looking for a clear display of effort; and interest in the right aspects. My largest piece of advice for you, I would say, is organize your priorities and make sure you truly want what you want for the right reasons. If you want something for the wrong reasons and you end up getting it - the truth always comes to light eventually and it will make things that much worse. I appreciate your continued interest in becoming staff, while you have made an effort to improve since your last app - I would say you need to take some time to do better to really show everyone a positive change. A big part about becoming staff is you are looked at for how you are in general, not how you are when on your best behavior; I don't want someone on the team who advertised themselves as one way and then changes from that after being accepted in. Denied
  2. Houndmaster#3073 discovering the rat hunting froggy to extinction feeding nathan plenty of lead in hopes he would get lead poisoning people playing on my newest maps for the first time RPing on inno rounds so they arent boring too many funny moments to list, lots of funny prop kill moments and other things, some videos exist out there of funny moments i enjoyed
  3. I've come to the conclusion that there isn't enough evidence to confidently say that cheats were being used, while highly suspect; nothing that would solidify a ban at this time. Ban Lifted
  4. I like only the music I like, 95% of the music added will be music I don't like - so I will just toggle it off entirely. This is a similar thinking path to a lot of other people, meaning that this feature would take time and effort to code from the ground up only for something like 40% of the playerbase to use, maybe even less than that. It's a neat concept but not as cool or as essential as other functionalities that we don't have currently and would benefit more from if focused on instead of end round music only some would use
  5. At this time, there isn't an appropriate amount of feedback for me to make a proper call on this application. Regardless of the low quantity of feedback provided, If you are curious what you would need to improve in order to be able to progress further, feel free to contact me on discord. Denied
  6. At this time I don't feel you are ready to handle the responsibilities of staffing. I appreciate your interest in taking the steps to move towards them, however you need to improve on numerous things before we can comfortably move forward on this. If you are curious what needs improvement, feel free to contact me on Discord. Denied
  7. After reading over the feedback, I've decided that now wouldn't be the best time for you to take on the responsibilities of staffing. That being said, I can recognize you have the right amount of spirit required, you just have to sort some things out beforehand. If you're curious about what departments you need to improve in, feel free to contact me on Discord. Denied
  8. Approved Successfully passed interview, welcome to the staff team!
  9. Approved Successfully passed interview, welcome to the staff team!
  10. You have demonstrated that all of the above is a lie. Ban Upheld
  11. After reviewing the evidence provided, we have reached the conclusion that Kaktus, Pri, and Frank will receive bans for ghosting. Not A Random Person's actions were carried out before there was a rule against metagaming, so I will not be punishing him for anything. (Nor will the other 3 receive metagaming-related punishments.) With that being said, these bans are absolutely appealable. Closed & Archived
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