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  1. I agree that there should be a longer time for map change since most maps can go by in an instant and u spent part of your time just map voting and changing. I'd say a number like 11-13 rounds would be better
  2. TF2 Spy https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=374399521
  3. TF2 Soldier https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=283740403
  4. A participant didn’t get into the giveaway and secretly murders (player 1). (player 1) was RDM’d 5 feet from a mirror on map change, and kills (player 2) in a fit of rage. OR ALTERNATIVELY (player 1) cries over night when getting RDM’d in front of a mirror on map change. (player 1) goes to Atlantis and finds a coin. (player 1) goes to Island and finds a mirror. (player 1) finds (player 2) RDMing and reports him to a staff member. (player 1) uses their Demon’s Promise to slit open (player 2)’s neck. (player 1) tactically annoys (player 2) with their noise maker. (player 1) unboxes a Soulseeker. (player 1) unboxes a Demon’s Promise. (player 1) unfairly murders (player 2) with an AK47. (player 1) quickly turns around to somehow hit (player 2) in the head with a deagle.
  5. Phrot

    Pluto Memes

    tastiest meme
  6. Phrot


    Mutilation I-III Has an X% chance to explode the corpse after kill, leaving no evidence behind.
  7. Phrot


    Distance I-V Damage increases by X% when you are Y feet away from the enemy.
  8. Phrot


    Virus I-III Converts X% of your damage to infection damage, slowing the player by Y%. (Slower than all the current dots, but much more effective when the player moves, similar to bleed, but not slowing them as much as crippling would do)
  9. Phrot


    of Piercing I-III Hits have an X% chance to pierce body armor.
  10. Phrot


    Feather I-III Increase your player speed by X% when held.
  11. well hooray my family and I have been talking a lot recently and we've reconnected again. I decided my break is over now that stuff is working out for me again so thanks for all the support in these past couple days, it really helped.
  12. But to be serious... my mental state has been hitting the shitter recently and I just need to take a little break just to deal with some problems I’ve been facing, mostly with my family and myself. I expect myself to return playing on pluto in 1-2 weeks. So in the mean time, y’all have a great time and I’ll catch up with y’all in a bit. *wave*
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